Social Networking for Your…Car? Unique Ridesharing Platform Launches Global Fundraiser, the nation’s first and only social networking site for ridesharing, is looking for eco-friendly donors that will aid their mission to provide commuters an easy, on-demand carpooling option that can reduce deadly carbon emissions by an estimated six tons per average rider, per year.

Toms River, NJ, November 14, 2013 --( There is a new way to get around town. An unconventional and growing trend in transportation: social networking for ridesharing., the first social networking site for carpooling, is launching a global fundraising effort to aid their mission to provide commuters an easy, on-demand carpooling option that can reduce deadly carbon emissions by an estimated six tons per average rider, per year.

GoVeho’s unique social networking platform allows users to connect to and arrange rides with other would-be carpoolers. users are often students or young professionals who are otherwise at the mercy of public transportation. These commuters find that carpooling saves them time, money and affords them additional flexibility through a virtual network that also strengthens in-person ties within their community.

At a time when an environmentally conscious public is crying out for viable carbon reducing solutions, the sustainable business model of GoVeho makes it an easy and attractive option for eco-friendly donors. GoVeho will be accepting contributions to further its green efforts through, an industry leading crowd-funding platform. GoVeho is the brainchild of co-founders Timothy J. Petrin, Esq. and Ajay Gaglani, both Rutgers University graduates. Petrin and Gaglani are involved in numerous successful business ventures, but recently felt compelled to pursue more community and environmentally minded entrepreneurship with their newest project,

The rewards of carpooling are clear, both for the person and for the planet. The social benefits of the carpool setting have been shown to reduce stress, and the $1.1 billion annual national savings only enhances the riders’ mood. (Commuter Solutions, Green Living: 9.12.2012) Environmental issue author, Mrunal Belvalkar surmised that "if every passenger car in the US carried just one additional commuter for a single day, the US could save over 30 million gallons of gasoline in a single day[.] …In a week, the US could save more than 210 million gallons of fuel."

According to recent studies, the average American spends over 430 hours driving every year, which equals about 18 days. In a single year, a passenger car emits around 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 600 pounds of carbon monoxide and consumes around 550 gallons of gasoline. ( Adam Stein of Terrapass, a social enterprise that provides carbon offsetting products, estimates that burning one gallon of gas creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, and the average car emits about six tons of carbon dioxide every year. helps riders to alter their role in the carbon cycle.

Currently GoVeho’s ride sharing network is available at and the free app is due on the iPhone and android market this winter.

Mr. Gaglani & Mr. Petrin are available for comments. Bios also available upon request. Interviews can also be scheduled through Emily Smith at emily(at)goveho(dot)com / 732-735-5551 as well as image and additional information requests.

Would-be donors and interested parties can find GoVeho's campaign at
Emily Smith