Femtosecond Laser Micromachining of Next-Generation Implantable Medical Devices Demonstrated

Palmaz Scientific fabricates intricate implantable stents with Spectra-Physics’ femtosecond laser and ILT system.

Santa Clara, CA, November 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Palmaz Scientific, Spectra-Physics® and Innovative Laser Technologies (ILT) announce the demonstration of femtosecond laser micromachining of next-generation implantable medical devices. With Spectra-Physics’ femtosecond lasers and ILT’s precision machining systems, Palmaz Scientific has demonstrated the fabrication of leading-edge implantable stents with extremely fine and advanced surface nanotechnologies for exceptional biocompatibility.

Palmaz worked closely with ILT and Spectra-Physics to jointly develop a customized system to take advantage of Palmaz’s proprietary and disruptive technologies. The new laser system has successfully demonstrated the capability of holding the precise tolerances necessary for these very fine structures.

Palmaz Scientific fabricated the next-generation implantable stents using ILT’s VersaSTC® system with a Spectra-Physics Spirit™ industrial femtosecond laser. The ILT VersaSTC system was developed for precision laser processing of small tubes (under 25 mm diameter) utilizing ILT’s HMI2200 System Controller. The Spectra-Physics Spirit laser delivers femtosecond pulses with ideal beam characteristics and programmable repetition rates for optimal precision, cold micromachining with no heat-affected zone or collateral damage.

About Palmaz Scientific

Palmaz Scientific has a long history of pursuing the research and development of advanced metallurgical surface nanotechnologies for the manufacture of implantable medical devices. Today, by applying remarkable discoveries and advancements, Palmaz Scientific is furthering the research, development and commercialization of advanced metallurgical surface nanotechnologies for the manufacture of implantable medical devices with superior design and biocompatibility that outperform alternative treatments and products in a myriad of applications including neurology and orthopedics.

About Spectra-Physics

Spectra-Physics, the lasers operating group of Newport Corporation, was the world’s first commercial laser company and is a leader in lasers for demanding applications in microelectronics and industrial manufacturing, life and health sciences, and advanced scientific research. Newport Corporation is a leading global supplier of advanced-technology products and systems to customers in the scientific research, microelectronics manufacturing, aerospace and defense/security, life and health sciences and precision industrial manufacturing markets.

Newport’s innovative solutions leverage its expertise in high-power semiconductor, solid-state and ultrafast lasers, photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical subsystems and precision automation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers’ manufacturing, engineering and research applications. Newport is part of the Standard & Poor’s SmallCap 600 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.

About ILT

Innovative Laser Technologies is a world-leading supplier of custom and standard laser systems for development and production using laser technology. The HMI-2200 Laser System Control Software developed by ILT provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated system control and integration package available on the market. Founded in 1998, ILT has supplied in excess of 350 systems in use worldwide with leading manufacturers in medical device, automotive, aerospace, electronics and contract manufacturing. ILT specializes in custom system solutions that enhance customer productivity and maximize return on investment.
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