Postcode Anywhere Release New App for Microsoft Dynamics

Capture+ now available for Microsoft Dynamics 2013.

Worcester, United Kingdom, November 15, 2013 --( Postcode Anywhere, the “what’s your postcode” people, today unveiled its updated integration for the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With its easy to install package, Capture+ enables you to quickly and accurately capture domestic and international contact details within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

Dynamics CRM 2013 represents the approach Microsoft is taking to developing and delivering business solutions that put people at the centre. Designed to offer an enhanced user experience, the system provides customers with simplified navigation, a new flat user interface, and a touch-friendly command bar.

Postcode Anywhere’s Capture+ integration for Microsoft Dynamics 2013 aims to make customer contact and lead relationship management simpler with address auto fill.

Jamie Turner CTO of Postcode Anywhere commented: “Maintaining a closer relationship with CRM data is a seemingly basic principle that can save your business considerable time and money. Having clean and up-to-date customer address information is the cornerstone of any business and can directly impact your bottom line as well as business intelligence, which is why getting it right has never been so crucial.

“With Postcode Anywhere’s address auto-completion, businesses can trust their data to provide a 360 degree view of their customers, the process is streamlined and international address entry becomes faster and more efficient.”

Capture+ integrates seamless with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, providing address data quality management for over 240 countries.

More information about Capture+ for Microsoft Dynamics is available here:
Postcode Anywhere
Natalie Green