Postcode Anywhere

Postcode Anywhere is a web service provider established in 2001 by Guy Mucklow and Jamie Turner.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with the age, inaccuracy and prohibitive cost of address data available only on CD, they pioneered the Internet-hosted “what’s my postcode” lookup technology that today powers website forms and in-house applications across the globe.

Postcode Anywhere now provides a range of services over the Internet, including route optimisation, data cleansing, business information services and lifestyle profiling, with customers including Rolls Royce, Xerox, Disney, Heinz, Siemens and Citibank.

Notable Awards
Orange best use of technology (Midlands) - 2008 National Business Awards
Growth and small business of the year - 2008 Chamber Awards
Best use of technology in an emerging business - European Retail Solutions Awards 2007
ITC BET Award 2007
Orange best use of technology in business - National Business Awards 2006
Best growth through use of technology - Sage Daily Telegraph Business Awards 2005
Most IT-enabled small business (less than 500 employees) - Computing Awards 2005
Best address management software - Smart Awards 2004

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