Meet AdmitLink: An Admissions Consulting Firm with a Unique Mission

AdmitLink is working to close the higher education gap, offering admissions consulting to individual students and to nonprofit organizations already working with high school students.

Cambridge, MA, November 15, 2013 --( AdmitLink Consulting Inc. (AdmitLink), a new and innovative higher education admissions consulting nonprofit, offers a unique approach to the typical admissions consulting model: they never turn down the opportunity to assist a talented student.

AdmitLink offers services on a sliding scale, based on the resources of their clients. AdmitLink uses the same tools, materials, and metrics that were developed for one-on-one clients to educate, train and provide programming to other non-profits, churches, athletic clubs, and mentoring programs. This unique approach allows AdmitLink to give organizations that already work with high school students the knowledge and training they need to help get their students to the next level.

AdmitLink consultants are using their unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to empower students and provide expert advice on the application processes. AdmitLink’s clients and non-profit partners receive expert advice from a team of admissions consultants with undergraduate degrees from Yale, West Point and Washington University in St. Louis, as well as advanced degrees from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, the Olin Business School of Washington University, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard School of Public Health, and Harvard Law School. In addition, AdmitLink consultants have worked in a full-time or volunteer capacity in the admissions offices of these same institutions.

AdmitLink also provides guidance to high school athletes looking to compete at the collegiate level -- all three consultants were collegiate student athletes.

“The college and graduate school application process is not straightforward, and we want our students to understand the options that are out there for them and to put their best application on the table,” said Jaimie McFarlin, founder of AdmitLink and a current Harvard Law School student. “After working with students from all backgrounds, we have found that misinformation is one of the biggest hurdles to getting students to a college that fits them the best.”

AdmitLink is currently assisting several individual clients during this college and graduate school application season and preparing for the launch of several partnerships with two after-school programs, a high school athletics team, and a national mentoring program.

“Our goal is for every student to have the opportunity to pursue higher education,” said Ms. McFarlin. “We have seen incredible organizations and individuals already out there, working with high school students every day. We want those organizations to have the necessary tools to get their students to the next level.”

“Despite the number of admissions consulting businesses in the market, too many segments of society fall through the cracks and are not afforded the same advantages as their peers,” says Justin McFarlin. “That’s what makes this so exciting. And with our innovative approach, we’ve already created partnerships with organizations who reach students we would not easily reach, and we’re always looking for more partner organizations.”

Over the course of a lifetime, a college grad will earn more than $1 million more than a high school grad. Less than 10% of the poorest high school students will obtain a bachelor’s degree and the majority will apply and attend nonselective colleges that limit their future earning potential. The mission of AdmitLink is to counter this statistic, increasing access to higher education opportunities through sound advice and counsel to both individual clients and partnering organizations.
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