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Virtually Unbreakable Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet from Bayer MaterialScience Provides Economical Solution to School Safety Challenges

Bayer MaterialScience LLC and members of the Safe on Site Consortium focus on safe school environments.

Greensboro, NC, November 18, 2013 --( School officials are grappling with the challenge of creating safer and more secure educational facilities to protect students and faculty.

While it is a difficult topic, deterring unwanted intruders is a necessary part of the ongoing school security conversation. To help develop secure, fully vetted and economical solutions for educational decision makers, a group of highly specialized building and school safety companies have formed the Safe on Site (SOS) Consortium.

The SOS Consortium is focused on providing a safe, secure building environment with a practical and prudent approach based on detecting and deterring intruders. Members of the SOS Consortium include LPI ROADHOUSE, Tyco Integrated Security, SISCO, Gungnir Group and Oceansafe, which employ product and security assessment specialists in the field of building and school safety.

Bayer’s material technology expertise and the virtually unbreakable properties of Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet grades provide school officials with a knowledgeable resource and proven material for an economical solution to security challenges.

“We know that school officials face unimaginable challenges as part of their responsibility to protect students,” said Robert Pyles, marketing manager, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. “The SOS Consortium is focused on providing a safe school environment through the use of advanced materials and technologies as well as site design.”

The SOS Consortium shared its vision for a safe, secure school environment during the North Carolina School Boards Association Annual Meeting and Conference held Nov. 18-19 in Greensboro, N.C.

Conference attendees visited the Bayer and SOS booths in the 400 row to get a firsthand look at forced-entry and ballistic-resistant (FEBR) Makrolon® polycarbonate products and SOS Consortium offerings. An FEBR entranceway and window glazing system using Bayer’s high-performance polymers can provide a transparent, aesthetically pleasing security solution that helps to deter unwanted intruders until law enforcement arrives on the scene.

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