Online Petition Used by Worried Parents to Save Their After School Program in San Andreas, CA That the School District is Closing

Holiday Plans Put on Hold by Families to Save Their Program

San Andreas, CA, November 16, 2013 --( Drawing cute Thanksgiving pictures, buying groceries, shopping for the holidays has stopped for many Calaveras County families. Instead, concerned parents, affected by the impending closure of their after-school program at San Andreas Elementary School, started an online petition.

After only a few hours, there were already more than 75 signatures on the petition. They hope to get support for their efforts to keep the program from pending cessation on Dec 31, 2013.

Their petition with is addressed to CUSD School Superintendent Mr Mark Campbell, Mr. Darren Spellman, Supervisor District 5, and Ms. Karan Bowsher, President CUSD Board of Trustees. It asks that funding be put in place to guarantee the program stay open.

Grandparent Nancy Vicknair recently stated "We know a petition is not enough to overturn Mark Campbell's decision to close our after-school program. However, folks don't turn to petitions up here, so this should be a big wake-up call for the school board and Mr Campbell. My grandbabies will be without their after-school program and I don't want to see that happen."

This petition is just a part of the current campaign by local San Andreas parents that includes writing letters, phone calls, looking into recalls, a blog, a Facebook page, strong pr efforts, and attendance at all upcoming CUSD meetings - closed and open.

Parents are very concerned. They need this after-school program. It is not an 'entitlement' as labelled by Campbell-it is a necessity with so many parents working just to stay at poverty level.

The media is encouraged to stay in touch with the campaign. There will be a big turn-out at the CUSD meeting at Jenny Lind Elementary on Nov 19th, with the closed session at 4:30pm and open session at 5:30pm.

CUSD Meeting Nov. 19 Location-
Jenny Lind Elementary
5100 Driver Rd
Valley Springs, CA 95252

Expect a very large turnout and speakers as the scheduled closure of the after-school program gets closer and closer. Dec 31st!

For more information about this release, please contact Nancy Vicknair at 209-216-9499 or by email
Nancy Vicknair