Delicate Caress Cosmetics Launches New Product in Time for Holiday Shoppers

Delicate Caress Cosmetics focussed on making Makeup Brushes Affordable without sacrificing Quality.

New Berlin, WI, November 18, 2013 --( Cosmetic products are one of the popular gift options for women during the holidays and one new company is making it easier for consumers to find the perfect gift for the women on their shopping list. Delicate Caress Cosmetics, a top cosmetics website, recently launched a new product just in time for the holiday season – the Flawless Makeup Brush Set.

The new Flawless Brush Set from Delicate Caress Cosmetics is a large collection of natural fiber and synthetic fiber makeup brushes, designed to make makeup application easy. The set includes multiple brushes, including a concealer brush, lip brushes, eye shadow brushes, powder brush and more. Brush designs make it easy to contour makeup, offering a flawless finish.

Not only is this new product designed for savvy makeup users that want the best in cosmetic brushes, but it's designed to catch the eye as well. The purple leather case makes it just as beautiful as it is functional. Every brush in the collection also has the name of the brush on the handle, making it easy to grab the correct brush when applying makeup.

Created by Denise Condon, Delicate Caress Cosmetics focuses on offering every woman the opportunity to be pampered, offering products that make women feel special, from makeup to luxurious skin care products. Not only does the company cater to women, but it also offers products for young girls to enjoy. Along with cosmetic products, the company also runs a regular blog, offering helpful makeup tips and tutorials to readers.

When asked why she founded the new Delicate Caress Cosmetics Brand, Denise said, "It seems that once you reach a certain age, you are forgotten in the fashion world. Magazines focus on beautiful young women; you are generally served by 'the young' - your hairdresser is 'young'; you go into shops with modern clothing and the shop assistants automatically assume you are shopping for your daughter or granddaughter.

There is no certain point in your life where you suddenly lose your desire to dress trendy, to wear makeup, or to have a hair-do that is modern and even funky. There is no denying that, as we age, the face becomes more wrinkled and surplus skin hoods the eyes. But how do you deal with these attributes of age?

There are plenty of anti-aging crèmes but what about brush sets, eye shadows, blush, or lip gloss. How do you apply makeup to the aging face? How do you make the eyes pop? How do you make the lips fuller? How do you make the best of what you have?"

While Delicate Caress Cosmetics has just released the Flawless Brush Set for holiday shoppers, the company has new releases planned for the near future. According to the owner, Denise Condon, the company will soon be launching new makeup lines and various accessories, expected to be available in 2014. Denise has appointed Amazon the sole distributor of the Company's products at
Delicate Caress Cosmetics
Connie Millerman