Vault Networks is Now Offering a Blow Out Colocation Sale and 3 Month Discount

Vault Networks offers high-tech solutions for businesses that need server support.

Miami, FL, November 20, 2013 --( Setting up a new service for colocating computers can be intimidating, especially for companies who have never done it before and aren't sure how it works. However, these companies have an easier choice than ever before through the blow out sale that Vault Networks is now offering on Colocation Services.

During this sale period, businesses have direct access to the secure data centers of Vault Networks. Designed and built from the ground up to provide scaling solutions, Vault Networks offers rapid installation within its facility and the dedicated service and support lines that businesses need for prompt interaction with their customers and employees. As part of this sale, businesses can choose from several of the hosting options that Vault Network has made available.

For businesses with minimal needs, servers located in a quarter-size rack provide the optimal balance of speed and cost, helping to keep the cost of a dedicated server down while still delivering the full degree of quality and service that they're expecting. For businesses with greater needs, it's possible to select a half-size unit or even a full, dedicated rack that can provide maximum power for maximum value.

Businesses who need even more access will find it easy to arrange for multiple units to be hooked together, combining the power and stability of servers with the ability to scale upwards that only data centers can truly provide. Even better, the blow out sale offers a special opportunity for colocation services, allowing companies the chance to purchase space in a server and see for themselves how much space they really need. If the purchased room turns out to be more than necessary, the business can easily arrange for a change and drop down to a smaller unit before the sale period ends. On the other hand, if the purchased space isn't enough for the business' needs, then it won't have spent too much money on something that hasn't been working. Either way, the business wins.

Vault Networks is committed to providing top-quality customer support, with service available all day, every day, at any time of the year. Problems don't follow a set schedule, and companies rarely want to wait for help - with Vault Networks, they won't have to. The heavy-duty systems also provide an extreme degree of redundancy, helping to protect data and continue to serve the needs of each business even in the worse of conditions. However, this sale period won't last forever, so now's the time for businesses to reserve their space and start getting the redundancy and support they need to take themselves to the next level.

About Vault Networks

Vault Networks was created for the express purpose of providing top-quality facilities to host the servers and data centers that today's companies need. Since its founding, Vault Networks has become the partner of choice for businesses that need dedicated solutions and cloud support. Learn more about the offers and opportunities available by visiting the official website at or calling Option 2 at 305-735-8098.
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