Recruitment Services of Toronto-Based PlanIT Search Now Ensure Seamless Customization of Oracle Implementation Projects

Toronto, Canada, November 20, 2013 --( Toronto-based PlanIT Search has announced that it is now offering recruitment services for companies in the process of customizing their in-house Oracle suites. By helping companies through the implementation and customization process for Oracle, the Toronto organization is ensuring that their clients achieve a lasting return for their ERP investments.

The flexibility of the Oracle suite has made it one of the leading ERP solutions on the marketplace for many years. But in order for companies to achieve full value-for-money and a return on investment that carries forward, they must be able to customize their system to meet future demands. With the IT industry evolving at a frantic pace, such customization options are crucial to long-term success. That is why many firms are turning to Toronto-based recruitment firm PlantIT Search for the implementation and customization of the latest Oracle software.

PlanIT Search has become one of the most trusted recruitment companies within the North American IT sector by continually analyzing the marketplace and offering services based on future demands. It is with this objective in mind that the company is now focusing on working with candidates for Oracle customization. The company’s services enable their clients to find qualified specialists for their unique in-house IT demands within a consolidated timeframe. From the moment they contact PlanIT Search, clients will have access to the details of qualified candidates for their open position within 72 hours. It is this speed of working efficiency that has helped the organization to make its name in the field.

In addition, PlanIT Search’s network now includes over 45,000 candidates to date. This means that companies who select the Toronto firm’s services will have access to some of the most qualified specialists within the IT field. These specialists will then be able to help support the company moving forward, as they seek to capitalize on their Oracle investments by adapting them to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business needs.

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