AGRI Announces Strategic Alliance with AdvanceMed Clinical Research

AGRI expands its Global Network of high performing clinical research sites and therapeutic research areas with the AdvanceMed Clinical Research Alliance (AMCR). The AGRI/AMCR Strategic Alliance brings synergy to both organizations’ efforts to provide high-performing research sites to the biomedical world.

Scottsdale, AZ, November 20, 2013 --( The Atlantis Global Research Institute (AGRI) today announced that it will work with AdvanceMed Clinical Research (AMCR) to expand AGRI’s Global Network of clinical research sites. As a result AGRI will be able to provide the biomedical, device and diagnostic industries with additional high-performing sites in several national locations.

AMCR President and Clinical Director, Lindsey Kowal, noted, “We not only see this as a great fit for each of our companies to accomplish much success, but more importantly, a greater good for the clinical research industry is now more achievable than ever, which is one reason why we are extremely excited to join forces with Atlantis Global Research Institute.”

"Like AGRI, AMCR is a rapidly growing organization, and we share a new vision for the future of clinical research," said AGRI’s President and Managing Director, Robert Wallace. “We are elated to have AMCR join our Global Network of sites as they have established themselves as key leaders in developing high-quality, high-performing clinical research sites across America.”

About AGRI

Atlantis Global Research Institute (AGRI) is pioneering changes in how global clinical research is conducted by developing synergistic partnerships, collaborations, and alliances to produce quality results in a more timely and cost-efficient manner.

About AMCR

AMCR is an independent multi-specialty research site exclusively dedicated to clinical research trials. AMCR has state-of-the-art resources, knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to quality work and service to successfully serve physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations in a wide range of therapeutic areas nationwide.
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Robert Wallace