Artist Creates Unique Niche with Custom Moveable Artwork

Roseville, CA, November 21, 2013 --( Some people spend a lifetime trying to find their niche in life, others are lucky enough to find their purpose at a young age. Such is the case with Kevin Meier, an incredibly talented Roseville-based illustrator and “concept innovator” who, as a child, discovered his love of creating with only a number two pencil and a sketchpad. After years of cultivating his skills, Meier is now poised to take Northern California by storm with his unique style and custom artistic offerings.

Meier’s story is both heartwarming and inspiring. After purchasing his first home several years ago, he decided to hone his skills and put a unique stamp on the home. He went to work conceptualizing and transforming his young sons’ bedroom into every boy’s fantasy. The floor to ceiling mural he created reflected every one of his two young boys’ interests and passions. From a guitar player to music notes, to a skate ramp, Meier’s passion showed through every colorful brush stroke. Unfortunately, like thousands of Americans impacted by the failing economy, the Meier’s lost their home and, sadly, the mural along with it. The disappointment on his children’s faces after losing their gift sparked an idea in Meier that he is now sharing with the rest of the world.

“It was then that I thought it would be nice to create pieces that had tons of character, were large, gave lots of life and character to a room, but could be moved or stored if needed,” said Meier.

With more than a decade of experience in the creative field, Meier is now using his experience to focus on creating fun, unique, one of a kind art that can be moved from wall to wall, room to room or home to home. But don’t think of him as just a kid’s artist, either. He’s actually more of an artistic consultant. He works with his clients to create the best ideas for the space being painted, and works with them every step of the way to create one-of-a-kind concepts. Think of him as the interior “designer” of the custom art world. A blank room or wall is his canvas, and most of the time, his clients rely on him to design the art to fit the space, and then bring it to life. Now, with his custom moveable artwork, his clients can have creative, custom artwork, without being stuck with one wall covered, or with just one picture in a frame.

While Meier’s artwork can be found everywhere from high school campuses to corporate websites, he prefers to focus on children’s art and illustration because he has a love for imagination, for art and story, and wants to share it with others in fun and whimsical ways. A loving father and just a big kid at heart himself, he wants to help children embrace their creative side, and encourage them to use their imagination.

“I know that sometimes something as simple as a picture can spark imagination,” said Meier. “I hope that the art I make for my clients’ children might help spark their own imaginations, too. Who knows, maybe my work will inspire them to create pieces of their own.”

For more information on Kevin Meier, including examples of his work and contact information, please visit his Facebook page at or visit him on Twitter @kevmeier.
Kevin Meier
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