Nu Flow Ireland Completes First Water Main Project

Nu Flow has completed its first water main project in Ireland using its Nu Line pipe lining system.

KILDARE, Ireland, November 22, 2013 --( Nu Flow, the world’s leading small diameter pipe lining manufacturing and installation company, has completed its first water main project in Ireland using its patented, non-intrusive technology. Nu Flow’s international partner, Nu Flow Ireland, was the only company in the region that could rehabilitate 135 meters (443 feet) of 80mm-diameter (3 inches) underground piping in two days without causing any disruption to traffic or businesses.

“Nu Flow has the only non-destructive technology available for rehabilitating certain drinking water mains in the UK and Ireland,” said Nu Flow CEO Cameron Manners. “Our patented, blown-in solution fills a gap in the market, where other companies cannot line pipes with diameters that range from 50mm to 100mm (2 to 4 inches), but we can.”

The relined drinking water main is located beneath a busy street that could not be blocked off or filled with traffic during the work, due to a police station, fire station, nursing home, local train station and several other businesses and residences located on it. Nu Flow Ireland was chosen because its innovative epoxy coating solution prevents the need to dig up old pipes and its unique solution can coat the 80mm-diameter pipes, while other technologies cannot.
Nu Flow
Amanda Strouse