Stealth Grid’s CEO Larry Castro Launches a Monthly Stealth Grid Guide on Protecting Digital Privacy

Stealth Grids launches a monthly guide to insights, tools, plus strategies to protect, securing your digital footprint, and privacy.

San diego, CA, November 22, 2013 --( Stealth Grid Corporation CEO Larry Castro has launched a monthly Stealth Guide on protecting, as well as securing your digital footprint along with digital privacy. Larry Castro has drawn from his thirty plus years of experience as a media, online media marketing, cross platform technology, digital privacy, and security expertise to create Stealth Grid. In the 21st century the number one concern is cyber-attacks and losing control of our privacy to corporations, identity thief’s, marketers, NSA, IRS, Prism, political groups, and government agencies worldwide.

Stealth Grid is developing and launching a suite of tools that will protect your privacy and stealth your digital lifestyle movements.

Larry Castro is the CEO of Stealth Grid Corporation and the author of The Stealth Grid Monthly Guide. Prior to launching the company he was an executive of a public company that developed cross platform technologies that tracked your digital footprint, as well as videoed your movements all over the world. “I know firsthand we are not presently in control of our digital privacy even in your own home. This is not a conspiracy theory it is a reality!” says Larry Castro.

Nearly everything you do leaves a trace, and agencies as well as data brokers collect this information to create and sell public profiles about you. The revelations about the National Security Agency's surveillance apparatus, represents a stunning abuse of our basic rights. Including revelations that the IRS is watching everyone’s digital footprint. “Now let’s please be very clear this is not about hiding anything it is about the individual or entity deciding who, what or when someone is allowed to see your information. It is about taking control of your constitutional rights to privacy.” Larry Castro. has launched its initiative page which includes the subscription to the monthly Stealth Grid guide and currently scheduling Larry Castro as a keynote speaker for Digital Lifestyle privacy as well as consultations for individuals and corporations; In 2014 Stealth Grid will launch a suite of technology tools that will protect your privacy. The Stealth Grid Team is focused on becoming the Digital privacy and Security leaders globally.

About Stealth Grid
Stealth Grids management team works tirelessly to provide the best technology available to solve many of the new challenges brought by the tremendous growth of digital information and the collection of your digital foot print. Stealth Grids management’s expertise was recruited DOD, Federal government and private sector developing security infrastructures that adapt and scale with the explosive growth of digital storage and communications. Stealth Grid has a world class team of senior managers, cryptologists, developers, coders, engineers and testers to tailor, customize and engineer state of the art security products using the Stealth Grid technology. Visit Stealth Grid at

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