“The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known” Released by Molly Cheek, Debbie Zipp and Bettie Youngs Books

Successful professional actresses, Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp are pleased to announce the release of their new book, "The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known.”

Los Angeles, CA, November 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- This new book proves there is indeed room for success in the vast expanse between starving artist and Angelina Jolie’s stardom. Bryan Cranston, star of “Breaking Bad” is among the successful professionals who have recommended this book.

What aspiring actors don't know about the career they dream of could fill a book, and now it has! Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp have culled the wit and wisdom of a wide array of successful actors to create the kind of mentoring perspective they wish they'd had starting out. Simple and concise, “The Aspiring Actor's Handbook” is written for curious and "want-to-be" actors with stars in their eyes and designed to help them make informed decisions about pursuing an acting career. Readers will learn from personal stories, lessons on getting a career started, managing finances, handling the various "handlers" they'll encounter, dealing with disappointment, sex in the workplace, and most of all, maintaining integrity in the great unknown of show business.

This is not a book on acting technique or a guide to getting the right headshot or agent, but one that speaks of real-life experiences and how to navigate them with grace and style. It is a collection of real-world advice on what to expect and encouragement to live fully while navigating the rough road of a show business career.

Hollywood Praise for The Aspiring Actor's Handbook:

"The Aspiring Actor's Handbook tells it like it is... what it takes to live the life of an actor. More than just talent - it takes guts. Be prepared. Know what's ahead in this life you've chosen. Knowledge is power. Read the book. Enjoy the journey. Good luck." - - Bryan Cranston, star of "Breaking Bad"

"The Aspiring Actor's Handbook is full of wisdom, humor and honesty. More importantly, it shows that there is a place of success for actors between the "starving" actor and the "star." - Donald Petrie: Director, "Miss Congeniality," How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days;" "Grumpy Old Men;" and, "Mystic Pizza"

"This book can absolutely create more harmony and love for the "show business" you want to be a part of. I wish I had had this advice and discernment when I was starting out." - Dee Wallace, starred as "Mom" in the movie, E.T.

Book Information:
The Aspiring Actor's Handbook
Subtitle: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known
Authors: Molly Cheek and Debbie Zipp
Publisher: Bettie Youngs Books
ISBN: 978-1940784021
Published: October 2013
Pages: 241
Genre: Acting Careers, Entertainment, Acting students

About The Authors:

Molly Cheek is best known as Jim's Mom in the four "American Pie" movies. She has also logged in seven years co-starring in two consecutive TV series: "It's Garry Shandling's Show" and "Harry and the Hendersons." Appearances in films such as Sam Raimi's "Drag Me to Hell;" "A Lot Like Love;" and, "Spider-Man II" - as well as numerous guest-starring roles and pilots for television have rounded out her career as an actress. Molly has also co-written and produced a short film, "Sick Chick" and performed on Broadway in Alan Zweibel's play commemorating Gilda Radner, "Bunny,Bunny."

Debbie Zipp is best known for her recurring role as Donna on the CBS series "Murder She Wrote" and lead regular role as Phoebe on the series, "Small and Frye." Debbie had starring regular roles in the television pilots "The Cheerleaders" and "There's Always Room" as well as many guest appearances on other series. Her starring onstage roles in Los Angeles include: "Sirens of Seduction", "Let's Call The Whole Thing Gershwin," and, "The Good One" - She has produced, directed, edited and/or written and acted in many short films for her company, In The Trenches Productions.

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Molly Cheek
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Debbie Zipp
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Website: http://www.aspiringactorshandbook.com
Debbie Zipp