Spa Dealer Shows Support for American Diabetes Month

Best Hot Tubs San Diego and Gas Grill Dealer Shares the Three Methods for Reducing Diabetic Complications. Dealer Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to All Residents in San Diego, CA.

San Diego, CA, November 23, 2013 --( Carddine Spas, BBQs and Patio with hot tub and gas grill showrooms in San Diego, San Marcos and Temecula is proud to participate in American Diabetes Month.

“Diabetes is a difficult disease to deal with, but what makes it even more problematic is that it is a big contributor to many additional diseases,” said Julian Sanchez, president of Carddine.

“There are some complications caused by diabetes that may not immediately come to mind, and are sometimes overlooked when dealing with the problems brought on by the illness,” continued Sanchez. Here are three methods for reducing diabetic complications.

Reducing Oral Health Issues Due to Diabetes - The high blood sugar levels circulating through the gums can weaken them, causing tooth loss, pain and opening up the chances of infection. Some of the signs to watch for are gums that are red or swollen, or bleed after brushing. Gum tissue pulling away from the teeth is also a sign that diabetes may be causing problems. Changes in tooth placement, spacing, or any unusual movement, pus or tenderness are all advanced symptoms. Anytime diabetics see these changes in their mouth, they should make an immediate appointment with their dentist.

Gum disease is not the only problem that diabetes can start or make worse. Diabetes also makes patients more prone to thrush and other oral infections. It makes it harder for injuries or open areas from tooth loss to heal, and diabetics often suffer from dry mouth.

Diabetics can help fight the oral problems that often accompany diabetes by taking extra special care of their teeth and gums with regular brushing and flossing. It is important for diabetics to make an appointment with their dentist as soon as possible after being diagnosed to help develop a plan of attack, and a regular schedule of checkups to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Preventing Depression Caused by Diabetes - The American Diabetes Association states that people with diabetes are at a greater risk for depression than those that do not suffer from the disease. Furthermore, they say that poor control of blood sugar levels can cause symptoms that look like depression. One of the biggest reasons that patients experience depression is a feeling of isolation and being overwhelmed by the need for drastic lifestyle changes.

The best way to combat those feelings of isolation and to help understand the complexities of diabetes control is to find others who have similar issues. Even when patients do not become withdrawn from family after diagnosis, often family members, while sympathetic, do not have the disease, and can’t identify with the fear or needs in a personal, way even when they want to.

Any patient dealing with diabetes, or any family member who spots the symptoms of depression in loved ones fighting with the disease should speak with a physician. Speak with a health care professional any time patients exhibit changes in sleep, appetite, concentration, energy levels or outlook on life.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress Due to Diabetes - Stress causes continuous cycles of elevation. Being diagnosed with diabetes and dealing with it for a prolonged period of time consistently increase stress levels. At the same time, high stress levels can cause blood sugar to run higher than they would otherwise, according to Dr. Patrick Ober, Professor with the Department of Internal Medicine and Associate Dean of Education, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

A great way to combat that stress and stop the cycle of elevation is to add a hot tub to the home. Soaking in a hot tub daily, for at least three weeks, can drastically lower blood sugar levels, and lower stress levels and blood pressure, according to a study by Dr. Philip Hooper. Not only does lower blood pressure and stress help prevent an increase in blood sugar levels from the anxiety, but also helps reduce the cardiac problems caused by diabetes as well.

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