Atlanta New Homes Can Cost More Than Buyers Realize

Atlanta homebuilder, Haven Properties has reduced medical costs for one family by building healthier homes for all their homeowners.

Atlanta, GA, September 21, 2007 --( When Atlanta’s fall allergy season hits with a vengeance, many of us retreat indoors for a breath of fresh air. But some home buyers are finding that all “indoors” are not created equally, and four walls and a roof don’t necessarily keep the allergens at bay.

Many of those same home buyers are finding a difference in a Haven Properties high performance home – one with EarthCraft construction that not only controls air intake, but also filters fresh air at the industry’s best level.

“Last fall, we took our daughter to the emergency room about once a week because of allergies to pollen. We thought we’d have to move out of state,” said Jody Madden, whose family lives in Forsyth County. “Since last October, when we moved into our new Haven Properties home, we’ve had no trips to the ER,” she said.

Haven Properties President Mike Baptist considers health one of the lifetime costs of a home – and one most often overlooked by buyers. Lifetime costs encompass not just the home’s selling price, but also the cost to heat or cool, maintain and live in the home over its lifetime. He points out that even buyers who plan to move within a few years are impacted by lifetime costs when it comes time to sell.

“Because of the way we build our homes, the air is cleaner and the people who live in them have the potential to stay healthier,” said Baptist. “Not only are our homes tightly built, without the leaks and gaps found in some construction, but we also use the industry’s best air filters and ventilation systems.”

Haven Properties relies on a Honeywell Air Ventilation System, which brings fresh air in and circulates it throughout the home in controlled amounts based on the home’s size and number of rooms. It keeps homes from losing conditioned air and prevents indoor air from becoming stale or filled with indoor pollutants.

All fresh air brought in the home goes through a Honeywell Air Purifier. The purifier’s four-inch pleated filters trap more particles and up to five times more pollutants than regular air filters.

“Our homebuyers notice they dust less frequently, and those with pets tell us they find less fur in their homes,” says Baptist.

But for the Madden family, whose daughter’s weekly emergency room trips led to many missed days of school, the clean air is far more than just a housekeeping convenience. In fact, a quick search of the Internet shows yearly estimates of missed days at work and school ranging from 10,000 to 100 million days. While the numbers aren’t firm, the seriousness of the situation is apparent, and it was too much for this family.

“Our daughter’s problems were related to the outside air somehow getting in,” said Madden. “We worried about building a brand new home because our other one was new, too. That’s why we looked for the EarthCraft construction. It’s a great investment.”

Dr. Donald Cote, an ear, nose and throat doctor in Conyers/Covington, concurs that keeping homes sealed and filtering fresh air helps allergy sufferers. “Allergies affect over 20 percent of the population, so these measures are important for them,” said Dr. Cote. “Others who would benefit from cleaner indoor air are those with respiratory illnesses such as asthma or emphysema.”

And anyone with concerns about germs will appreciate the healthy advantages of Haven homes, too. Haven Properties is Silestone USA’s exclusive partner in The Cleaner KitchenTM program. They build healthier kitchens with Silestone countertops with Microban® bacterial inhibitors, Pür water filters and ventilation of moist stovetop air to the outdoors. (See sidebar for more information.)

“A commercial might list the cost for top of the line air filters, for a state-of-the-art ventilation system and for germ resistant countertops, then say that keeping your family healthy is priceless,” said Baptist. “We agree. When you talk about lifetime costs of a home, there’s nothing more important than building a home where people can live their lives to the fullest.”

Haven Properties, Inc. is recognized as a builder of luxury, high-performance homes for Atlanta area buyers. Haven’s status as a Premier Builder for EarthCraft House and the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star® Builder Partner of the Year demonstrates their commitment to building homes that are not only energy efficient and friendly to the environment but also more comfortable and healthier than standard construction. Exemplary construction standards; sound, honest business practices; a commitment to health and environment; and a gratifying home buying experience for every homeowner are the company’s hallmarks. Haven is now building in Cherokee, Cobb, Dawson, Douglas, Forsyth and South Fulton counties with price ranges from the mid $300,000s to the $700,000s. For more information on Haven Properties, call 770-752-0919 or visit

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