Dr. Steph Van Dyke Honored for Engeye Efforts

Dr. Stephanie Van Dyke, Co-founder of a Uganda-Based Health Clinic and Education Program, Recognized for Her Visionary Humanitarian Work.

Albany, NY, November 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Engeye Inc. has announced that one of its founders has been presented the E-Chievement Award for her visionary work on behalf of others. In 2006, along with Ugandan John Kalule, Dr. Stephanie Van Dyke founded the Engeye Health Clinic in Ddegeya Village, a rural community in southwest Uganda. The E-Chievement Award is presented by the national radio program eTown to “everyday heroes: folks who are quietly working behind the scenes, helping to make their communities a better place.”

Upon being honored with the award, Dr. Van Dyke gratefully and humbly acknowledged the recognition and quickly stressed the importance of the team she’s worked with over the years: "It is a real honor to be nominated for and receive eTown's E-Chievement Award. Every part of the Engeye project over the past seven years, from sustaining the health care clinic to overseeing scholarships for children in the most need, has been a collaborative team effort. What motivates us to persevere is the belief that everybody should have access to basic healthcare and education, irrespective of where they are born or their financial status.”

The presentation of the E-Chievement Award and interview with Dr. Van Dyke is currently airing on national public radio stations through November 26, 2013. The interview may be heard on the eTown website at http://www.etown.org/shows/brettdennen_seracahoone/.

Dr. Van Dyke went on to say, “Witnessing the high rates of childhood deaths from preventable illnesses, like diarrhea or malaria, or deaths of mothers during labor, or untreated mental health conditions, and realizing these deaths and suffering are no less tragic in Uganda than in our own family, gives us the resolve to work toward wiser solutions.”

Engeye is different from other NGOs in that the organization is committed to sustainable solutions that do not create further foreign dependence. Partnerships with local entities, like the Ministry of Health, are valued and ensure that locals run daily operations on the ground. Empowerment of Ugandans through good health and education will impact future generations for years to come. Engeye believes this is best achieved through respect, partnership, and advocacy, not handouts or charity.

About Engeye
Engeye, Inc., a U.S. and Ugandan NGO, is based in Uganda. Engeye was formed in 2006 to address the disparity in basic health, education and environmental needs of rural Ugandan villagers. Since its inception, the Engeye team has grown to include Ugandan medical professionals, lawyers, physicians, public health workers, engineers and more. The Engeye Health Clinic provides care to a region in Uganda that has substantial need and lacks adequate access to healthcare. The Engeye Scholars program assists schools in this region. Education is highly valued in Uganda and research proves that education is key in raising poor countries out of poverty. Engeye, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) tax deductible, nonprofit organization. For more information, visit: www.engeye.org. For more information, please contact Engeye Executive Director David Robinson at: drobinson@engeye.org
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