Global Space Organization to be Interviewed by Dr. Livingston on “The Space Show”

Dr. Livingston’s “The Space Show” will be interviewing Caed Aldwych, department lead officer of Global Space Organization on Tuesday the 26th of November 2013 at 7:00pm PST.

Aurora, CO, November 26, 2013 --( Aurora, CO, November 24, 2013 - Global Space Organization’s lead department officer Caed Aldwych will be interviewed by Dr. Livingston on "The Space Show" at Caed Aldwych will field questions pertaining to the Global Space Organization, describing its vision and mission to listeners. The segment will begin on Tuesday the 26th of November 2013 and run from 7:00 to 8:30pm PST.

The Global Space Organization has a vision of “To the Moon and Beyond.” In the pursuit of this vision, the GSO intends to enter numerous markets within the global space industry, gathering support and seeking advertising revenue to solidify our standing on the world stage. “The Space Show will be the first GSO public interview which will aid us in our pursuit to advance our vision “To the Moon and Beyond,” out onto the Global stage. The GSO looks forward to an engaging and detailed interview by Dr. Livingston and “The Space Show” audience.

“People will find in the very near future, that astroids, space mining, Mars habitation or any other human manned space pursuit cannot happen without first establishing a firm presence on our Moon. To do otherwise invites loss of revenue, loss of hardware, very limited support and potentially loss of human life.”

- Caed Aldwych, Commander
Global Space Organization

Contact Information:

Caed Aldwych, GSO Department Lead Officer,
Michael Brunn, GSO Aide de Camp,

Global Space Organization (GSO)
Caed Aldwych
Michael D.W. Brunn
GSO Aide De Camp (Corporate Secretary)