Local Entrepreneurs Lead and Invest in Movement to Encourage Buying American

We Shop American is the handshake with the designers, manufacturers, inventors and creators who support the resurgent pride in all things homegrown and produced. The blog site aims to grow awareness of the abundance of American made products.

Monroe, LA, November 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Local entrepreneurs lead and invest in movement to encourage buying American.

Make a difference in our economy . . . buy USA made

The average American will spend $738 on Holiday gifts this year. If half of this was spent on gifts made in the USA, up to a million American jobs could be created. (Source: National Retail Federation (NFR) Holiday spending survey, MadeinUSAChallenge.com) USA made products and services are available, but how do you find them?

That’s why the founders of Idea Coterie rolled out their latest project - WeShopAmerican.com. By showcasing unique American-made products, We Shop American provides a way to draw attention to the abundance of American-made products available today. In a time of economic uncertainty, the need to drive the American economy is clear.

“With the perception that materials are no longer made in the USA, we have built a curated and targeted showcase that will support and hopefully strengthen the American economy,” said Matthew Cameron, president and co-founder of Idea Coterie. “Our ultimate goal is to grow awareness of opportunities to support our economy by shopping for American-made products.”

According to ABC News, if consumers spend 1% more on American-made products, it would create 200,000 additional jobs. In fact, spending just five percent more on American-made goods could create an additional one million jobs in the U.S. (Source: American Made Matters)

The launch of We Shop American is on the heels of the first American Made Matters Day, an event encouraging Americans to buy products made in America throughout the holiday shopping season.

We Shop American can be described as the handshake with designers, manufacturers, inventors and creators who support the resurgent pride in all things homegrown and produced right here in America. We Shop American reviews items that are founded in American ingenuity and pride.

Before a product is featured, it must pass certain requirements, earning a WSA stamp of approval. A score (or percentage) is given depending on where the company is based, where its products are designed, where its materials are found, and where construction and assembly are completed.

Through daily posts, the site places the spotlight on a single product from an American-made company. “We hope to entertain and educate on the people, processes and history that makes shopping American exciting,” Cameron said. “We applaud other efforts and are excited to be on the cutting edge of helping lead others to participate in the ‘made in America’ movement.

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