Leading Seattle, WA-Based Leasing Lawyer Stuart Heller Helping Clients Negotiate Stronger Commercial Lease Documents

Seattle, WA, November 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Seattle, WA-based leasing lawyer Stuart Heller continues to enable his clients to achieve leasing agreements that are favorable to their long-term commercial objectives. In recent months he’s shown his ability to help clients make frequent changes to their current or future leasing agreements, utilizing his substantial understanding of commercial real estate law.

Often, smaller commercial firms have great difficulty in securing property leases in which their best interests are served. This is mostly due to landlords utilizing their property control to insert one-sided provisions favoring them within leasing contracts, which small firms are unable to challenge due to their relatively early growth phase as a business and inexperience with commercial leases. It’s this type of leasing practice that can affect the long-term growth prospects of firms. And it’s the reason many Seattle companies work with leasing specialists such as Stuart Heller in order to achieve contracts that are much more suitable to their current and future commercial needs.

Working with a range of companies, large and small, Seattle, WA-based lawyer Stuart Heller has shown the capacity to negotiate much improved leasing deals with even the most challenging of property owner. In many cases, Stuart has found that landlords are not fully aware of the provisions within their own lease. And he’s therefore able to outline his client’s concerns to them in a way that highlights the client’s ability to make rental payments moving forward, while protecting the client's future business interests. That is how many business owners across Seattle and the state of Washington are now protecting and assuring more favorable commercial property rights on a long-term basis.

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