Adrian Fristensky and InsurancePlanning101 Offering Five Medicare Plans in 2014 has been an Independent Life Insurance Agency since 1991 and has worked with Medicare plans since 1989. In the 2014 plan year, Adrian Fristensky, the owner, will be contracted and certified with SCAN, Healthnet, Aetna, UHC and Anthem.

Los Angeles, CA, November 28, 2013 --( Adrian Fristensky, the owner of InsurancePlanning101 normally contracts and certifies with 6-8 Medicare plans each year but states, "With the changing landscape of these Medicare Advantage Plans, I am only certifying with 5 plans for 2014." Fristensky goes on to explain how the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare or the ACA, is affecting these plans. "According to the Congressional Budget Office, there will be approximately $226 Billion taken from these plans to help fund the Affordable Care Act between 2014 and 2020. This will definitely have an impact on the benefits these plans offer. I have already seen it in some of the plans for 2014 and is a major reason why I'm only certifying with the larger plans. They should have a better chance of withstanding these reductions. I can see a shakeout of the smaller plans or those that aren't as committed in the coming years."

The Medicare Advantage programs are run by private insurance companies that receive a set dollar amount from the federal government. With that money, they then contract with doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and other providers to create the plans that are so popular with Medicare beneficiaries today. One can see that with less and less money each year, the insurance company may have to change the plans they offer on any number of ways, including charging or increasing a monthly premium, increasing copays at the doctor's office or when hospitalized.

Fristensky has already seen the affects in some areas. "I know many seniors who rely on these plans and cannot afford much, if any additional costs that may be passed on to them. Some folks are literally living on their Social Security checks and help from children. Any cutbacks to the benefits or additional costs for these plans could be devastating."

Adrian Fristensky holds insurance licenses in California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon.
Adrian Fristensky