The BrewsKey™: Give the Gift of a Well-Dressed Beer This Year. A Tool to Eliminate the "Muss and Fuss" of Flavoring a Beer with Salt and Lime.

San Antonio, TX, December 03, 2013 --( In Texas, everything is bigger including the taste Texans demand from their everyday beer. Folks there “dress” their beer; they sprinkle a little salt on the bottle neck and stick a lime wedge in it. In Mexico, it's call it a Chelada. It’s refreshing and it enhances the flavor, but it does have an “ick-factor” of licking the side of an unwashed beer bottle containing a manhandled lime wedge.

Enter The BrewsKey™: a cool gadget that easily dresses a beer with sea salt and 100% natural dehydrated lime on the inside the bottle. The salt and lime is contained in a little flavor cup. Load a cup into The BrewsKey and slam it down on the beer bottle. The salt and lime is evenly distributed on the inside of the bottle —no cutting limes, no licking the neck of a dirty beer bottle — just natural lime taste down to the last drop.

The BrewsKey is perfect for flavoring a beer on the go and it's guaranteed to turn some heads on that first slam. It also makes an awesome and unique gift for boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, dads, golf buddies, and retirees – really anyone who enjoys a cold one every now and then.

The BrewsKey is made in Texas; manufactured in the Alamo City of San Antonio — home to some of the most serious “beer-dressers” north of the border. It’s available for sale online at and in select Texas retail locations.
The BrewsKey
Anne Gerber