Fertility Preservation Network Sponsors Donation Drive for Non-Profit Organizations

ReproTech, Ltd., a cryobank specializing in long-term storage of human reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs, embryos, and ovarian/testicular tissue), hosted a Facebook voting drive that resulted in a $500 donation to Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.

St. Paul, MN, November 29, 2013 --(PR.com)-- ReproTech, Ltd., a cryobank specializing in long-term storage of human reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs,embryos, and ovarian and testicular tissue), held a five day Facebook event, in which users voted for non-profit organizations. ReproTech is pleased to announce that Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation collected the most votes to win a $500 donation.

ReproTech plans to hold another similar event with different non-profit organizations in December 2013. ReproTech’s collaboration with non-profit organizations through out the United States includes event sponsorship, fertility preservation presentations and client referrals. The support and services offered by such organizations range from cancer resources to IVF funding grants with the majority of organizations being cancer related.

For the 140,000 American men and women under age 45 who are newly diagnosed with cancer each year, chemotherapy and other treatments can affect their reproductive system and fertility. There is often a small window of time for these men and women to preserve their fertility; therefore, access to cryopreservation services is extremely important. Both the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommend the education of oncology patients about the options available to preserve their fertility.

ReproTech, Ltd has organized the Fertility Preservation Network to educate oncology professionals and caretakers, as well as provide much needed cryopreservation services for men and women. The network now includes members in 35 states and the Caribbean. Additionally, the work of fertileHOPE and LiveSTRONG has advanced the awareness of the need for Fertility Preservation among the oncology community.

About ReproTech, Ltd.
ReproTech, Ltd. was founded in 1990 for the purpose of providing long-term cryostorage services for reproductive tissue, and now operates cryostorage centers in Florida, Minnesota, Nevada and Texas. More information on ReproTech, Ltd. is available at www.reprotech.com or 888-489-8944. Information specific to the Fertility Preservation Network and its members can be found at www.fertilitypreservation.com.

About Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation
The vision of Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation is to reach every family affected by childhood cancer in the Northern Nevada and Eastern Sierra regions.

The NNCCF mission is to enhance the quality of life for children with cancer and their families by providing financial assistance and compassionate support programs while advocating for increased research funds and raising public awareness. More information on Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation can be found at www.nvchildrenscancer.org.

ReproTech has specialized in long-term cryostorage and transportation of reproductive tissues since 1990. Network members offer Fertility Preservation services, and Auto Transfer Management enables IVF centers to eliminate future abandoned specimens.

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