Marlo Fisken Named IPDFA Instructor of the Year

Flow Movement Creator, Marlo Fisken, Wins Prestigious Industry Award at the International Pole Championship in Singapore

New York, NY, December 02, 2013 --( Marlo Fisken, a New York-based fitness innovator and pole fitness instructor and choreographer, has been named Instructor of the Year by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). The award was presented earlier this evening at the IPDFA’s International Pole Championship in Singapore.

"I am overflowing with gratitude right now,” says Fisken. “Winning Instructor of the Year is an immense honor because I was born a performer. With or without an audience, I take to the stage. I am alive in the spotlight and I have been recognized for this talent throughout my 25 years of dance training. But to be awarded for my teaching, this is something special.”

Fisken teaches at Body & Pole in New York City when not traveling around the world conducting workshops and instructor trainings. She began teaching pole fitness seven years ago after having already amassed an extensive fitness instructor résumé. Fisken has taught and created classes for gyms including Sports Club/LA, Crunch, and Equinox, in everything from barefoot sculpt to hot dance and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). In more recent years, she has developed a number of unique pole class formats ranging from pole power circuits to hip-hop dance with pole, and contemporary floor pole. She is a master trainer and one of the creators of elevatED, an aerial arts instructor training program. This past summer, she launched her fitness and apparel brand, Flow Movement®. Her accolades as a pole performer include winning the 2010 American Pole Fitness Championship (female division) and the 2011 Aerial Pole International Championship.

“I have never stopped on my quest to understand the wonders of the human body, the myriad ways to physically interpret sound, the bounty of dance, and movement arts on this planet, and I never will,” added Fisken. “I love learning and I am beyond grateful to be able to let my soul teach. Thank you for this award and thank you to the pole community for creating a place I can call home."

The IPDFA was launched in 2007 to promote the sport of pole fitness worldwide. The IPDFA’s annual International Pole Championship is one of the most respected competitions in the industry and attracts international media coverage from outlets such as Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and The Huffington Post. The Instructor of the Year winner was determined by internal voting by affiliated national associations and the IPDFA Awards Judging Panel. To be nominated and considered for the award, the IPDFA seeks instructors who have “taken an initiative and made pole dance fitness a better sport for everyone. He/she can be an instructor or activist who displays a strong passion for the sport and has made a big effort to widen popularity or open minds toward pole dance fitness.” (IPDFA website)

Fisken had several people to thank for the award. “First, thank you to the IPDFA for creating this award. Second, to the many teachers of movement and movement science who have shared their knowledge with me and to the thousands of men, women and children who have allowed me to be their teacher, thank you. My students are my fuel -- I collect skills and information and use my class as a forum for creating anew. You inspire me to be my best, to keep you safe, balanced and happy, to innovate and to break norms. Third, to my parents for giving me every opportunity to follow my heart. And Lastly, Body & Pole, the place and the people, you gave me a place to expand, to cultivate and to nurture. You represent greatness to New York City and the world. Without you, and the home you have provided, this award would not have been possible. I love you big time.”

About Marlo Fisken: Marlo uses her 25 years of dance, fitness, and performance experience to teach at home in New York City at Body & Pole and abroad. She is an innovator in pole performance and education and has recently launched the elevatED pole instructor training course and her signature fitness and apparel line, Flow Movement®.

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About Flow Movement®: Flow Movement® is an exercise and apparel brand created by fitness/dance expert Marlo Fisken. Inspired by yoga, athletic conditioning, acrobatics and a lifetime of dance, the movements are born out of a desire to combine these forms into something fresh, balanced, and diverse. Flow Movement® exercises range from subtle, awareness building floor sequences to complex conditioning and acrobatic drills. Every exercise is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenge of fluidity.

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