BRANDiosity Re-Launches by Focusing on Multi-Segment Brand Growth

BRANDiosity brings a multi-segment expert on board as a managing partner, and re-launches as a brand growth firm helping companies identify, prioritize, and seize untapped opportunities from the multi-segment marketplace.

Atlanta, GA, September 21, 2007 --( Sean Martin announced the re-launch of BRANDiosity today. The firm, which will offer a suite of newly developed, proprietary services, will help companies identify, prioritize, and seize untapped growth opportunities from the multi-segment marketplace. “Over the past few years, more and more of our clients have been asking us to help them apply the disciplined approach to multi-segment marketing that we learned and utilized as practitioners at companies like Coca-Cola, Quaker Oats, and Pepsi-Cola”, said Sean Martin, founder of BRANDiosity. BRANDiosity’s business over the last year has almost exclusively consisted of multi-segment engagements, and therefore, “a few months ago we decided to dedicate the firm to the multi-segment marketing opportunity”, added Sean Martin.

Juan Garcia joins the firm as a co-owner and managing partner. He brings over 15 years of multi-segment brand insights and strategy experience. Juan started his career in channel strategy consulting, where he worked with leading global brands, and lead the Special Markets, Strategy & Insights area at Pepsi-Cola, where he was responsible for growth segments such as Hispanics, African-American, and Youth. Most recently, he was director of the Marketing To Hispanics and Latin American practices at the Zyman Group, where he was instrumental in creating and growing those two leading practices.

BRANDiosity was re-launched based on the fundamental belief that marketing is broken and most marketing services firms are contributing to the problem through what the firm calls pervasive marketing malpractice. “There are several problems that exist in marketing today”, said Sean Martin. “First, while most marketers have finally moved away from mass marketing, they have migrated to multi-cultural marketing, which inappropriately puts culture at the center of marketing strategy”. He added “using culture to differentiate a brand is akin to using low price; it’s a slippery slope, most competitors will match it, and it will eventually lead to commoditization.”

Juan Garcia added “another fundamental problem is that most companies have a siloed approach to marketing strategy. They run off and develop a separate general market strategy, an African-American strategy, a Latino strategy, and then try to force fit them all together. This is ineffective; it’s analogous to designing a city with three different urban planners. The bottom line is that we utilize an integrated approach to multi-segment brand growth, which takes all consumers into account, and which is segment neutral.”

Sean Martin and Juan Garcia previously held senior marketing roles at The Coca-Cola Company, Quaker Oats, and Pepsi-Cola, before joining Sergio Zyman, the former Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, at the Zyman Group, where they where instrumental in transforming the firm from a boutique to one of the most respected marketing consultancies in the world.
About BRANDiosity

BRANDiosity, based in Atlanta, is a brand growth firm focused on helping companies identify, prioritize, and seize untapped growth opportunities from the multi-segment marketplace. Media relations contact: 404.509.2209;;

Juan C. Garcia