One Million Hours Wasted Answering Would You Rather Questions on

Over one million man hours have been wasted playing would you rather on, as the site crosses the 66,000 questions mark. Arguably, the entertainment value of this website makes it time well spent.

Ottawa, Canada, December 05, 2013 --( The game consists of answering questions by choosing amongst two choices. An answer must be given, no matter how horrible the choices are. The best would you rather questions are controversial, and lead to the answers being heavily debated amongst players. The concept of asking “would you rather” questions stems from a conversation game often played on dates or used as ice-breakers at parties.

Questions vary from simple life choices such as “Would you rather chase your career or get married and start a family?” to hypothetical situations like “Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your descendants?”

Users have the ability to ask their own questions on rrrather, with each option illustrated with an image. In-depth statistics of users’ answers are presented by gender and by geographic location. The comments section allows choices to be compared and debated.

Questions have evolved from always starting with “would you rather” and now include broader types of questions with the only criterion of having two possible answers. The most discussed question on the site is “Who/what created the world, God or the Big Bang?” which does not follow the conventional questions format. Results by country of this particular question yield interesting findings, such as showing where the most atheist and the most theist voters reside.

Some questions test the users’ morals: “Would you rather have one innocent person executed or have ten guilty people get off scot-free?” or their political stance: “Are you pro-life or pro-choice?”

“The community of rrrather has grown to be tightly-knit though the interactions in the questions’ comments sections, the private messaging system, and the on-site group chat,” explained Alex Walter, Founder of rrrather. “Some users have reported being addicted to asking and voting on rrrather questions.”

For some audacious players, the best questions are located in the dirty and gross category. These questions feature disgusting or revolting options, and produce the wildest reactions when playing with a group.

The content of the website inspires offline, in real life play of the game. Players typically take turns to ask each other questions. Disagreement among answers can lead to heavy debate, and learning about the true personality of participants. Visiting the responsive version of rrrather from a mobile device is a great way to tap into the endless stream of would you rather questions.

A YouTube channel was recently launched to highlight the best questions on rrrather.

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