Scalada Holdings’ EIS Provides Economically Sustainable Solution

Scalada Holdings’ Second Generation Elemental Ionization System offers a more cost effective solution for the treatment of fracked wastewaters.

Singapore, Singapore, December 06, 2013 --( Scalada Holdings, Ltd., the Singapore based environmental solutions group and its wholly owned Nevada based subsidiary, Titan Holdings, Inc. have reported an increased cost efficiency when contaminated wastewaters, resulting from the production of hydrocarbons, are treated using Titan’s Second Generation EIS (Elemental Ionization System).

Produced water is water confined in chambers beneath the earth that comes to the surface during the production and exploration of hydrocarbons. These produced waters, as well as the flowback water from hydraulic fracturing must be correctly processed in order to alleviate any ecological effects and potential damage to existing water sources. Proper management of contaminated waters comprises a number of complex steps, including separation, handling, storage and disposal, and represents the single most challenging and costly environmental aspect of the oil and gas industry.

Scalada Holdings’ proprietary Elemental Ionization System, for which the second generation completion and patent application were recently announced, offers a highly efficient and economical solution to the problem facing onshore oil and gas site operators. Scalada’s Second Generation EIS technology is an onsite processing system, which processes barrels at a fraction of the cost of any other system available worldwide. By utilizing the permit of the fracking site itself, Scalada’s EIS saves on high transportation and storage costs. Multiple instances of the technology can be operated simultaneously, reducing the expense of “down time” in the event of unit malfunction.

Scalada Holdings’ Chief Executive Officer, Manly Logan, said, “Maturing reserves coupled with increasingly tight legislation are prompting more and more site operators to seek new water treatment processes that are more conducive to meeting and maintaining their production targets in the most cost effective way. We at Scalada Holdings are pleased to report that the second generation of water treatment technology is amply suited to meeting these challenges.”

About Scalada Holdings, Ltd.:
Scalada Holdings, Ltd. is in the business of bringing green solutions to the global marketplace that produce sustainable outcomes along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Titan Holdings Inc., a Nevada based environmental company. Scalada Holdings provides integrated solutions over a wide range of technologies, services and extensive knowledge to allow global institutions to meet their environmental goals.
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