Kelly Snyder of Find Me Will be Guest on Internet Talk Show, Shadows in the Dark, September 23

Host Jeremiah Greer welcomes Kelly Snyder to the show to discuss his group Find Me that is a unique combination of retired Law Enforcement, Psychics and Canine Search and Rescue Volunteers.

Canton, NC, September 22, 2007 --( Join host Jeremiah Greer on September 23 at 9:30 pm Eastern Time, as him and his guest, Kelly Snyder; discuss missing person cases and how psychics are helping pave the way for alternative ways of search and rescue.

Kelly Snyder is one of the Retired Law Enforcement Officers of Find Me. He is also the Founder, Coordinator and Contact Person for the gifted group which he founded in 2002.

After he retired, Kelly became very involved in contributing to the community with the focus on the well-being of children. This led him to join the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children, where he attended training sessions at the NCEMC academy. He knew that pure investigation and luck wasn't always enough to solve cases and eventually his thoughts turned to alternative investigative approaches. In a roundabout way he met a talented psychic who was also interested in finding missing persons, and they came up with the seeds of the idea for Find Me.

You can visit Find Me’s website at You can also read more about Find Me by purchasing Find Me the book as told by Dan Baldwin from

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