PHC Global Community Health Services Program

Completely Free Clinical Services Available to Women 18 and Older. While everyone is still thinking about Obama Care Yes or No? Clear Choice Medical & Dental Center in coordination with PHC Global and State, brought you completely Free Clinical Services to Women 18 and Older who meet the per-established criteria.

Houston, TX, December 12, 2013 --( Free Clinical Services to Women 18 and Older who meet the following criteria:

1. Texas Resident (Living in Texas)

2. Not eligible for CHIP/Medicaid or any other County, State or Federal Government programs.

3. Uninsured

4. Underinsured (Services not covered by Health Insurance)

5. At or Below 200% FPL (Federal Poverty Level)

This Program will cover the following services for the eligible applicants:

1. Family Planning

2. Well Woman Exam

3. Sick Visits

4. Preventive Health Services

5. Prenatal Care

6. Prenatal Dental

7. Health Education

8. Laboratory Services

9. Diagnostic Services

Yes, all of the above & more services will be provided completely free to qualified applicants. It is important that all who may benefit from this Free program should submit their application over the phone or in person to the Program Coordinator or Sam.

Helping Our Community One Member at a Time - PHC Global
Clear Choice Medical & Dental Center
Sam Agha