Vandrico Verifies Google Glass Workplace Applications Potential

Vandrico Solutions Inc., a specialized R&D firm focused entirely on wearable technology, has released a workplace study on Google Glass and verified the capacity for the device to add value in the workplace.

Vancouver, Canada, December 12, 2013 --( Vandrico Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that it is has completed a four-month study on Google Glass for the workplace. The study reviewed technical specifications, jobsite implications and business considerations involved in implementing the device.

Listed below is a sample of five applications, which have been technically tested and validated with the device's current capabilities.

Hand-Free Communication Tool:
Google Glass can be used as a hands-free communication tool in an environment where hearing protection is required. Since it uses bone conduction transducer technology, safety foam earplugs enhance the user's ability to hear the device. This could enable safer communication between workers in loud environments.

Barcodes and QR Codes Reading:
Google Glass can pair with an Inventory Management System to improve speed and accuracy of warehousing logistics. This can reduce stocking and handling costs, as well as decrease likelihood of error in the data input process.

Three-Dimensional Augmented Reality:
Google Glass can project virtual, three-dimensional, objects into a worker's field of vision. For example, technicians could have a virtual model of a machine part projected in front of them, to be used as a reference, while they work on the real part. This could reduce costs associated with maintaining complex equipment by streamlining maintenance procedures.

Symbol Recognition:
Google Glass can assist a worker in remembering company procedures on the job. For example, a worker could identify a hazardous material by using the device to recognize the WHMIS symbol and call upon safety procedures. This could reduce the risks associated with a dangerous work environment.

Presentation Tool:
Google Glass can display notes and slides in a presenter's field of vision. This can allow a more professional and engaging live presentation, while also making it easier for the user to keep the crowd's attention.
Vandrico Solutions Inc.
Gonzalo Tudela