It Girl PR and Dr. Jeffry Life Partner to Change the Perception of Men’s Health

It Girl PR introduces Dr. Life as the authority on men’s health, reversing ailments with diet/exercise, and the new era of hormone therapy.

Los Angeles, CA, December 13, 2013 --( It Girl PR proudly announces its latest partnership with new client and NY Times best-selling author and physician Dr. Jeffry Life. The health and fitness guru known for his ability to transform men’s bodies, including those post 50, has taken it upon himself to change the common mindset of men’s health. Dr. Jeffry S. Life’s before-and-after pictures have captured national and international media attention, motivating people worldwide to become his patients and learn how to manage their aging process.

The award-winning doctor looks to dispel the myths about the controversial use of Testosterone, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and hormone replacement therapy for men which has been tarnished by the abuse of athletes. Dr. Life believes that, when clinically proven to be necessary, hormone therapy can be the answer to many who find themselves lacking energy, sex drive and the ability to get in shape as they age. He stands firm in his claim that aging is not an excuse for any man to not be in the best shape of his life as he works to redefine the idea of aging and growing older.

“There’s no reason to not make the second half of your life the best half of your life. You don’t have to age just because you’re getting older.” –Dr. Life

With years of experience with Cenegenics® and age management, a field of medicine that the doctor helped to perfect, Dr. Life has garnered thousands of testimonials from men whose bodies he’s helped to transform later in their lives. Through his previous bestselling books (The Life Plan, Mastering The Life Plan) Dr. Life he has brought age management medicine, a specialty that was previously only available to the select few, to the masses. Dr. Life currently has a new book in the works which focuses on diet and is set to be released in early 2014 from Atria Books.

It Girl looks forward to spreading the word of men’s health and age management for many who thought getting older meant a loss of vitality, fitness and well-being.

“We are thrilled to be working with the renowned Dr. Jeffry Life. We look forward to changing the perspective on men’s health and life-long vitality with his progressive and results-proven techniques!” –Juliette Harris

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About Jeffry S. Life, MD, PhD, FAAFP
Recipient of the first-ever Alan P. Mintz, MD Award for Medical Excellence in Age Management Medicine, Dr. Jeffry S. Life is President of Cenegenics®-Dr. Life in partnership with Dr. Life takes a progressive, straightforward approach to help patients enjoy healthy, active aging with physical and sexual energy. His focus is proactive, leading-edge medicine and lifestyle interventions—rather than the traditional reactionary approach to disease. Dr. Life is currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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