FiXiT Launches Microfunding Project to Spay and Neuter 52 Animals Per Year

FiX of the Week Allows Sponsors to Pool Donations Together to Fund 52 Additional “Fixes” Per Year.

Virginia Beach, VA, December 14, 2013 --( With an estimated 3 – 4 million animals euthanized in shelters each year, FiXiT has discovered a new way to combat pet overpopulation and get more animals spayed and neutered. The organization has launched “Fix of the Week,” a new microfunding option that will allow sponsors to pool donations together to help fund an additional 52 animals per year.

A new Getyourfix profile will be featured every Monday with donations gathered through the next Sunday in order to pay for the cost of the animal’s spay or neuter surgery. Instead of each donor sponsoring one fix, multiple donors can pool money together to sponsor a spay or neuter.

“Crowdfunding is now a critical part of social giving, allowing like-minded people to pool their resources for a common cause, bringing in billions of dollars every year for ventures of all types,” said Dr. Kellie Heckman, Co-Founder of FiXiT. “This type of giving now makes up 29 percent of all donations, a number that has been steadily growing for the past several years. Donors get the benefits of pooling a relatively small amount in order to contribute to a larger fund and feel good for achieving a specific project goal. Microfunding is a type of crowdfunding, but makes the project goal smaller in scale with a more focused impact. FiXiT would like to capitalize on this trend in giving in order to get more spay and neuter surgeries funded for animals in need profiled on” was launched as a project of FiXiT in March 2011 to introduce people in need of financial assistance to get the animals the care for fixed to generous people willing to sponsor a surgery. FiXiT now has over 12,000 profiles of animals in need of a fix on the site and over 1500 have been fixed as a part of this program. Visit to see a newly featured animal every Monday at

About FiXiT

FiXiT is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit based in Norfolk, VA that was formed in response to the death of millions of cats and dogs every year in U.S. shelters. Current low cost spay/neuter efforts have placed us on a plateau with minimal change in the rate of euthanasia over the past 10 years. They knew that a new strategy was needed to stop this needless loss of life, one that was informed by strategic research and one that responds to the different perspectives of pet owners across the country. Visit to learn more.
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