No Haggles, a U.S. Company, Announces a New United States Co-Operative Marketing Venture with Nationally Recognized Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

No Haggles, a new car buying service that promises to save customers time and money by negotiating all of the details of the sale on their behalf. No Haggles has received international recognition as a unique consumer service on the world renowned trend watching website,

Atlanta, GA, September 23, 2007 --( Americans who are in the market for new automobiles, but don't want the headaches of searching or haggling for the best price, now have an alternative that can help them sidestep the usual dealership woes—No Haggles, a new car buying service that promises to save customers time and money by negotiating all of the details of the sale on their behalf. Started by former car dealership managers, No Haggles negotiates with dealerships in a customer's area to negotiate price, financing, warranty and trade-in allowance, when necessary, for a small fee.

Customers contact No Haggles directly by phone or e-mail with information about the make and model of car they are looking for, including any desired add-ons or special features. No Haggles shops local dealerships for the customer to find the vehicle at the best available price and facilitates the entire transaction. At no point is the customer contacted by anyone but their No Haggles representative, who provide the customer with a detailed report of the negotiations. The representative is right there through all steps of the sales process, including delivery and inspection of the vehicle.

While certain dealers have long offered no-haggle pricing, No Haggles is unique in that it's not affiliated with any particular brand or seller. Customers can use the service to negotiate sales on any make or model. No Haggles currently serves customers throughout the United States, but the best-deal-without-haggling concept could easily be duplicated or expanded upon. In fact, the company is already running a test market program with the largest U.S. auto insurance company to further serve its customers.

No Haggles participation in the Co-op Connections program creates additional opportunities for cooperative members to save time, money and the stress of buying their next vehicle, "that is central to the core values of our company which is, every consumer gets a fair deal when they purchase a vehicle," said Rick Hall, President of No Haggles.

The Co-op Connections program, a new card-based member benefit program for Touchstone Energy ® cooperatives, is designed to deliver added value to cooperative members. Electric cooperatives across the country are implementing this program in conjunction with the other Touchstone Energy co-ops serving 22 million member-owners nationwide.

A free offering for co-op members and participating businesses, the program benefits cooperative members by offering valuable discounts at participating local and national businesses. At the same time, those businesses benefit from increased customer visits by co-op members participating in the program. A partial list of national businesses includes, Sprint, Hertz, Alamo, Costco, Choice Hotels International and No Haggles.

Touchstone Energy is a national alliance of local, consumer-owned electric cooperatives providing high standards of service to customers large and small. More than 600 Touchstone Energy cooperatives in 44 states are delivering energy and energy solutions to approximately 22 million customers every day. Touchstone Energy cooperatives serve their members with integrity, accountability, innovation and a longstanding commitment to communities.

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About No Haggles - Timeline of evolution of company:
Age and name of founder(s):
Rick Hall, 50 years old
Description of company:
No Haggles is a full service automobile car buying service.
Concept born out of an idea – 2003
Company formed – 2005

The company was founded on the premise that everyone buying a car in today’s market deserves a fair deal without the haggle, hassle and time required to shop multiple dealers. No Haggles is unique in that the company negotiates the price of the car the consumer wants, the trade-in vehicle and the financing of the vehicle.

The company developed a marketing strategy that eliminated the need for traditional advertising mediums. The strategy: form alliances with companies to market through their organizations to their members, customers and employees. Current companies include a national automobile insurance company, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, Flint Energies Cooperatives and Mid-South Credit Unions.

No Haggles engaged BKV a marketing communications firm whose clients also include The Home Depot, AT&T, Six Flags and Black & Decker to handle all Internet marketing.

No Haggles is currently developing a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the No Haggles process, a uniquely successful approach to automotive sales.

No Haggles is also currently in discussions with interested parties developing a program for the U.K.

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