An Evidence-Based Text on Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

New York, NY, December 15, 2013 --( "Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery," recently published by Thieme, is an accessible text that covers anatomic principles, applied physiology, medical principles, and surgical management of diseases affecting the paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base. Using evidence-based medicine and practical pathways, this book brings together the basic and clinical knowledge relevant to rhinology and endoscopic anterior skull base surgery. It is designed to be an essential text for residents and fellows as well as a key reference for practitioners.

“In this volume, Drs. Devaiah and Marple have succeeded in assembling a premier list of international authors who are all thought leaders in rhinology. The content is logically divided into three sections: Foundations of Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, Rhinology and Paranasal Sinus Surgery, and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery and Related Skull Base Surgery.

"These chapters provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of the art and offer hints of future directions." – From the Introduction by Carl H. Snyderman, MD, MBA

This textbook offers a wealth of valuable information that will enhance the practice of otolaryngologists, residents, and fellows as well as affiliated otolaryngology practitioners.

Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
Thieme Publishers, New York, Stuttgart. 2014
286 pp, 173 illustrations
ISBN: 9789382076018
eBook - Available from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes
eISBN: 9789382076070

About the Authors

Anand K. Devaiah, M.D., F.A.C.S., is Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Neurological Surgery, and Ophthalmology at the Boston University School of Medicine and Attending Physician at the Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA.

Bradley F. Marple, M.D., F.A.A.O.A., is the T.C. Lupton Family Professor of Otolaryngology, Associate Dean Graduate Medical Education, and Vice Chair of Otolaryngology at the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA.

About Thieme

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