Applied Elevator: Now Offering a Free Consultation with an Elevator Service Specialist for Your Residential Elevator Needs

Denver, CO, December 15, 2013 --( Anyone with an aging parent knows the anxiety that is associated with staircases in an older person’s home. In fact, staircases are often the main cause for the elderly to leave their homes in favor of a retirement residence or seniors’ home. The experts at Applied Elevator believe that another solution can be found that allows aging homeowners to safely stay in the comfort of their own homes longer, without any cause for worry.

Installing a residential elevator in a home is an effective way to keep loved ones with mobility issues safe, yet independent. With a wide range of residential elevators available, and prices starting at $18,000, Applied Elevator can create a quiet and comfortable means of transportation within any home.

A common misperception is that an elevator cannot be added to a residence after it’s built. However, most residential elevators don’t need a pit or hoist way, and can be installed in two and three story homes using a guide rail system that runs through openings in the floors, and that can be finished out for aesthetics and safety. Any home with an area big enough to install an average size finished car of 30” by 46” can accommodate an elevator that can lift up to 500 pounds.

By taking advantage of the free consultation now offered by Applied Elevator, a loved one’s home can be outfitted with a solution specifically customized to meet their needs at a price cheaper than most automobiles.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Applied Elevator is the leading elevator installation company in the Denver metro area. Known not only for their expertise, but also for their excellent customer service, and vast knowledge of all elevator brands and models, you can trust Applied Elevator with your residential elevator needs. Putting safety above everything else, the installment crew employed at Applied Elevator is held to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and safety practices. Take advantage of the free consultation and you’ll find your anxiety regarding wheel chair and other mobility issues will give way to the peace of mind that comes with a residential elevator from Applied Elevator.

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