Legislative Intent Service, Inc. Now Providing Two Free Self-Study Exams for California Attorneys

Legal research firm offers two MCLE self-study exams on their website for lawyers in California.

Woodland, CA, December 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Legislative Intent Service, Inc., a legal research firm in California, is pleased to announce that it is now offering two MCLE self-study exams on its website at no charge. One exam focuses on ethics, while the other focuses on the legislative process. This is a tremendous opportunity for attorneys who need to demonstrate their compliance with the MCLE rules of the California State Bar.

Each year, thousands of California attorneys must demonstrate that they have received 25 hours of legal education. Legislative Intent Services, Inc. is now providing attorneys with two free exams on its website. These two exams, totaling up to two hours, can help attorneys meet their education requirement. The exams were prepared by legislative history researchers with years of experience researching both federal and state legislation.

"We provide these two free self-study exams to educate attorneys regarding legislative history and to introduce our research service to them and their practice for future consideration in assisting them with their cases," explains Legislative Intent Service, Inc. attorney Maria Sanders.

"Many attorneys, especially those starting out, appreciate the fact that the two exams are free to them. Many of them have run into organizations that offer free MCLE exams online, but these attorneys learn that the exams are not free. At LIS, our exams are free and are available to any interested attorney any day of the week and at any hour of the day, 24/7. In particular, obtaining 'ethics' credit can be challenging, so the fact that one-hour of ethics credit is free and available 24/7 will also help them."

In addition to providing free exams online, Legislative Intent Services, Inc is able to provide attorneys who complete the exams with certificates very quickly.

When asked how this service could benefit attorneys beyond meeting their required education each year, Maria Sanders explained, "LIS’ two free self-study exams permit this research firm an opportunity to educate attorneys and their legal staff about the benefits and usefulness of legislative history in their everyday practice and in litigation. We hope to be their resource for legislative history now and in the future."

Both exams are currently available 24/7 at http://www.legintent.com/free-mcle-credits/ at absolutely no cost. Any attorney that wants to save time and money while still meeting their MCLE education requirements is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.
Legislative Research Services
Maria A. Sanders, Attorney at Law