Thomas P. Meehan Clearwater, Florida Makes 2014 the Year of Philanthropy

Clearwater, FL, December 18, 2013 --( After spending nearly one-half of his life building an entrepreneurial empire, Thomas P. Meehan of Clearwater, Florida announced that 2014 would be the year of philanthropy for both himself and his business holdings. For most business owners in his position, this would simply be an attempt at personal glory or a shot at grabbing a headline in the Clearwater press. Meehan wanted no glory from a plan that started as a personal challenge he issued to his friends and family. The reach of his “year of philanthropy” quickly spread, shortly after managers working for Meehan heard of the opportunity and asked if their own staff could participate.

With the viral wildfire sparked, word also began to spread of Thomas P. Meehan’s illustration of altruism in action.

The year of philanthropy, as proposed by Thomas P. Meehan, was designed as a challenge of believable random acts of kindness that ANY person can accomplish. Suggested ways for parties to participate include everything from the act of holding a door, to the more involved act of helping someone who is unable to pay for their own groceries. In the end, the ultimate goal is to do something for someone without expecting a reward for displaying true kindness. Meehan wants to see people embrace old ideas, the kind of manners and common courtesy that the world seems to be losing by the second in our increasingly digital world.

Meehan has indicated that, even if people feel uncomfortable displaying their own efforts at altruism, he would love to hear of other acts of kindness taking place during 2014. He considers even the sharing and highlighting of any random act of kindness a way for the world to benefit and become a better place. Thomas P. Meehan would like to see 365 days of Giving Back detailed on Twitter with the hashtag #2014philanthropy, and he encourages people to tag him on Twitter at @tom_p_meehan.

About Thomas P. Meehan.

Thomas P. Meehan is an entrepreneur from Clearwater, Florida, and is now celebrating his 25th year as a business owner. Businesses owned by Thomas P. Meehan have been successfully improving the quality of operations for a variety of small business owners worldwide, as well as improving the quality of life for individuals for at least the same amount of time. His holdings offer a range of services.
Thomas Meehan
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