, a New Tool in Your Food Safety Certification Arsenal Launches Its New Informational Website and the Only Independent Food and Beverage Certification Program for Arsenic.

Teaneck, NJ, December 18, 2013 --( is a comprehensive resource guide to the latest arsenic research and information available to the public. It also links companies to the only independent program to certify food and beverage products that are tested to contain less than 10ppb (parts per billion) inorganic arsenic. Certified products will bear the ArsenicSAFE seal on their packaging providing customers a valuable tool in making informed decisions about the safety of the foods they purchase and consume.

Over the past few years arsenic has been in the news as numerous studies have shown the toxic chemical is present in alarming levels in certain sectors of our food supply. Yet there are currently no federal limits in place for arsenic in food in any country except for China!

In launching this website hopes to raise awareness of the dangers posed by exposure to arsenic in our diet, build support for arsenic legislation, and encourage food manufacturers to offer consumers safer choices for their families.

Products Being Certified - Infant and toddler formula, baby food, apple juice and apple products, grape juice, rice and rice products, rice syrups and the products that utilize them, cereals and cereal bars, gluten free baking mixes, pet foods, ham, poultry and turkey, and fresh produce.

About – This socially conscious non-profit organization was formed in October 2013 to educate, certify, involve, promote, and discuss the dangers of arsenic in our food and water supply and its impact on our health.

Mark Roth – Executive Director
Mark Roth