Help for Couples Without Spending Lots of Time or Money

With the still high divorce rate, couples need help. But in this stressful world, it's hard for many of them to find the time (or money) to go to a professional. Now, 25 year relationship expert has created a new tool to address this need.

Plainview, NY, December 17, 2013 --( The divorce rate still hovers around 50%. Couples need help! But it's hard to go when there's just so much else to attend to - kids, jobs, and other stressors. Going for professional help is also costly.

Dr. Karen Sherman, a psychologist for 25 years specializing in relationships, grew up in a household where her "parents had a lousy marriage." She knows first-hand how harmful this is to kids. As a result of her background and training, it's been her "life's work and passion to help couples get it right."

Realizing the predicament that couples are in, she felt compelled to respond to this need. As a result, she's created a membership site where couples can gain detailed information on tools to help them with their relationship.

Each month, a different topic is offered; the topics are based on concerns raised by Dr. Sherman's private clients. Material is presented in a variety of formats including teaching videos created by Dr. Sherman. Additionally, once a month, Dr. Sherman will make herself available to the members of the site for Q&A via a teleconference call.

It's her belief that the site will allow couples to gain tools in their own time frame and still have access to a highly qualified successful professional. All of this is merely $9.99/month. The site, will launch in January, 2014.
Dr. Karen Sherman