SynExi Partners with Hexago to Develop IPv6 Transition Guide

Secure and Cost Effective Tunneling Architectures Agencies Should Consider During their Transition to IPv6

Fairfax, VA, September 23, 2007 --( SynExi, LLC. announced the release of a guide, “Introduction To Secure Managed Tunnels – A Federal Agency’s Guide To Cost Effective and Scalable IPv6 Transition Solutions.” This guide provides United States Government (USG) agencies with a deep look at techniques they can use to support their transition to IPv6. The guide was developed in partnership with Montreal based Hexago, the leading provider of IPv6 deployment solutions. It is available on Hexago’s Web site at

“With the issue of the federal agency guide, we aim to help agencies make an informed, strategic decision about their IPv6 transition,” said Bruce Sinclair, president and CEO of Hexago. “Costs aside, our experience with deployments in other parts of the world shows that a pure dual stack approach is more theoretical than practical – to make a functional network, organizations always complement dual stack with other transition technologies such as tunneling and translation.”

SynExi was created by well known IT and IPv6 experts Dr. Chuck Lynch and Dale Geesey to provide government and commercial organizations with strategic-level consulting on applying technology to meet their mission and goals. SynExi provides insight into many critical areas of advanced technology such as IPv6, enterprise architecture, systems engineering, and disaster recovery. The company not only helps guide federal agencies to meet the specific requirements of Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB’s) 2008 deadline for IPv6 compliance, but how to implement technologies such as IPv6 to achieve the greatest long-term benefit for their agency.

The guide reveals how secure, managed tunnels can be utilized to help meet not only the June 2008 IPv6 milestone requirement developed by OMB, but also provide a cost saving solution for agencies to roll out secure and managed IPv6 services across their entire enterprise. Readers of the guide will also discover how secure, managed tunnels give USG agencies greater control and flexibility over the transition to IPv6 in their network. Once an agency utilizes tunneling, all of the endpoints that are IPv6 capable can be turned on at the agency’s choosing. This enables the agency to move its network to IPv6 at a rapid or slow pace, and to move the entire network or to move sections one at a time.

SynExi’s focus also extends to helping Systems Integrators and Government Vendors understand the government’s requirements for IPv6 and how to position their products and services to provide needed support to agencies during this time of transition.

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