AIM Software and SIX Financial Information Launch 9th Edition of the AIM Global Reference Data Management Survey

Back office and risk managers in financial institutions are invited to participate in this year's survey of the global reference data industry. AIM Software today announced the launch of its 9th international reference data management survey, which is designed to provide insights into the challenges, trends and planned investments towards reference data automation in the financial industry. This year’s survey is sponsored by SIX Financial Information.

Vienna, Austria, December 19, 2013 --( In the aftermath of dramatic changes in the world of finance combined with the unstable developments in the global economy, financial institutions all around the globe are carefully evaluating their strategies in data management. Data integrity, cost savings and regulatory requirements remain on the top of the agenda.

Against this challenging background, AIM Software ( has now launched the 9th edition of the AIM Global Reference Data Management Survey in cooperation with SIX Financial Information. “Based on the positive feedback we received from the market in the last years we decided to conduct the AIM Global Reference Data Management Survey for the 9th time in 2013,” explains Martin Buchberger, Head of Marketing and Sales at AIM Software. “New conditions and the effects of the financial crisis dramatically changed the financial institutions’ approach to data and risk management. The survey provides a deep insight into the driving factors in this changing environment and shows how financial institutions cope with the challenges.”

“Comprehensive understanding of data management challenges is the fuel which enables us to realize services to overcome these challenges, especially in the risk and compliance area. From launching workshops to participating in working groups, and supporting surveys such as this one, we aim to continuously innovate our products and infrastructure to fulfill clients’ needs,” says Dirk Sebald, Head Product Management and Marketing at SIX Financial Information.

The 2013 edition of the AIM Global Reference Data Management Survey investigates this year’s developments and distinguishes real trends from market hype. The results from previous years have proved that this study spots most of the developments before they became critical, thus giving financial institutions the chance to see where they stand in their own efforts.

“As a result of the combined efforts to anticipate and keep-up with industry developments that drive our product enhancements, we are seeing a lot of interest from clients in our service offering and most recently, have been recognized as the ‘Best Solution’ for one of the most complex regulatory drivers, namely FATCA,” concludes Sebald.

Data and risk managers are invited to participate by completing a 5 minute online questionnaire at: Participants benefit from a free, comprehensive benchmarking to the rest of the market with country-specific drill-downs and charts.

Selected findings of the last year’s AIM Global Reference Data and Risk Management Survey include:

- In 77% of the questioned firms reduction of costs drives investments in reference data management
- 44% want to invest in the automation of static data
- 53% of all survey participants criticize the high costs of data feeds 39% plan to set up a proprietary solution for the management of reference data
- 27% of all questioned companies are currently working on extending their existing reference data management system

The final results of the AIM Global Reference Data Management Survey 2013 will be available by May 2014.

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