Scope Unveils Enhanced Content Enrichment Capabilities with ConSCIse™ Version 1.4

Chennai, India, December 20, 2013 --( Scope e-Knowledge Center (Scope), a leading provider of content enhancement and knowledge services, is pleased to announce the release of its ConSCIseTM 1.4, the latest version of the company’s abstracting and metadata enrichment platform.

In line with current content enrichment trends, the new ConSCIse version 1.4 focuses on delivering highly accurate descriptive metadata such as abstracts, keywords and subject terms to support enhanced discoverability and more accurate levels of contextual relevancy. Using controlled vocabulary indexing, it can disambiguate terms that could relate to multiple concepts across different subject domains. ConSCIse 1.4 also features advanced functionality such as named entity extraction, enhanced linguistic and natural language processing (NLP) to improve machine learning, thesaurus integration for controlled vocabulary indexing, and the ability to index tables/figure captions.

Earlier features such as automatic coherence evaluation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are retained in the new version as well. The platform can automatically categorize documents based on their subject domains and recognize common acronyms and abbreviations. The platform is highly scalable and customizable based on individual client requirements, and all output is curated by highly trained subject matter experts.

In addition, ConSCIse offers seamless integration with any XML-centric publisher workflow. The platform currently processes over 15,000 highly technical documents per week.

In today’s digital publishing market, content is increasingly sliced and diced for more granular access and salability. The use of descriptive metadata has become a key factor in improving search precision in digital content discovery. This trend is further reinforced by leading publishers. Appendix 4: Abstracts and Keywords, under the Instructions for Authors writing for the Global Academic Business Division of Oxford University Press, states, “The availability of Abstracts and Keywords (A&K) is now an industry standard. Referrals from Google represent a higher percentage of total visits for sites that have free A&K (up to 40-70%), compared to those that do not (around 13-30%).”

Commenting on the launch of the new enhanced version of ConSCIse, Tram Venkatraman, President of Scope, said, “Descriptive metadata will bridge the gap between basic bibliographic metadata and highly contextual semantic metadata. Scope solutions not only cater to the current pressing needs of publishers and other digital information providers, but also look at the evolving needs of the future.”

M.A. Eswaran, Senior Vice President of Scope, commented, “The new features of ConSCIse 1.4, such as controlled vocabulary indexing and indexing of figures and tables, add further strength to the existing algorithms based on location heuristics and cue phrases in abstracts. This helps to deliver more robust descriptive metadata and enhanced precision in discoverability.”

Scope invites Publishers, A&I providers and Digital Libraries to evaluate this new enhanced version of ConSCIse. Interested parties may contact Rich Kobel (, U.S.A), John Camarano (, U.S.A) and Deborah Harman (, Europe & U.K.) for further details.

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