Local Certified Expert Predicts Upcoming 2014 Trends for Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Solo-E Certified Time Management Expert and Master Coach shares what's hot for the new year.

Francestown, NH, December 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Shorter, more focused programs and visual images are among the 3 major influencers driving trends for heart-based entrepreneurs and small business owners in 2014, predicts Solo-E.com Certified Expert Paula Eder, Ph.D.

This Time Management Master Coach and Mentor watched on-line and social-networking trends, monitored blogs and article postings, and consulted other experts throughout the year. And, with input from the team of solo professional industry experts at Solo-E.com, she selected her top 3 likely trends for heart-based entrepreneurs and small business owners for the coming year.

According to Eder, who owns and runs Finding Time in Francestown, NH, many of this year’s trends point to a continued quest for increasing skills - but on a more focused level. Trends also include investing more time and energy in efforts to connect via the use of mobile devices.

Founded in 2006, Finding Time helps heart-based entrepreneurs and small business owners align their core values and energy with their time choices and behaviors. This helps them find more time, make more money, and create more freedom.

Eder is one of 50 solo professionals who have met the requirements of the only international post-graduate certification program for solo entrepreneurs to become a Solo-E.com certified expert.

“From creating mobile friendly websites to developing quick scan visuals, these trends for 2014 are indicative of how we are living in the age of smartphones,” says Terri Zwierzynski, CEO and founder of Solo-E.com “We’re able to step back and see these trends connected by a common denominator of convenience and speed.”

The Top 3 Trends for Heart-Based Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners:

1. Mobile can no longer be ignored. “As a solo business owner myself, I know how often my business relies on mobile technology,” says Solo-E.com Certified Expert Paula Eder. “The key is creating engagement with those who use it.”

2. More learning, but in focused bursts. “Some people in the industry think that fewer people are buying. That’s simply not true,” says the Time Management Master Coach and Mentor. “What I observe is that people are now looking for ways to make the most out of short, results-oriented trainings instead of investing in longer programs.”

3. Visuals are key. “Using visuals to explain ideas will be more of the norm,” says Solo-E.com founder Zwierzynski. “The key is to balance great visuals with good copy to make conversions happen.”

What trends do you anticipate in 2014? Being proactive, rather than reactive, as trends take shape will keep you ahead of the curve, no matter what your particular niche may be.

Here's to your time success as the new year unfolds.

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