Chatso Will Help You Find Love with a Webcam and a Smile

Chatso is an online dating platform where members can participate in a private date using their webcams. The date is timed for 2 minutes - the two users must decide whether to accept each other as a future connection or simply move onto another date. Chatso proudly dismisses the doubt of the ever ambiguous profile photograph by replacing it with a "camera does not lie" approach - the webcam.

Portland, OR, December 21, 2013 --( Traditionally we have had to browse through the endless supply of profile pictures. Is their photo real - do they look like that in person?

Chatso has done away with that doubt - no profile pictures, only webcams.

Meet face to face, on webcam, in a private one to one date with other potential partners. You will have only 2 minutes to converse and decide whether you wish to share a future connection with them - or not. You can always move onto another date.

Private and personal information can be kept safe as Chatso provides a full service messaging platform so members can keep in touch in house - rather then sharing personal information and compromising their privacy.

Chatso is opening the date room doors very soon so get in early and sign up today to receive a full premium membership which entitles you to the full suite of tools.

Chatso is looking forward to matching their members to a suitable and exciting new partner.

Take a look at our promotional video.
Jeff Fried