Kids’ Winter Tooth Injuries are Easily Fixable with Bonding

New York City Dentist Dr. Deborah Pilla reassures that childhood tooth injuries, which are especially common during the winter, can quickly, safely and easily be fixed with bonding.

New York, NY, December 22, 2013 --( Winter is a time for fun outdoor festivals and activities, but many winter sports pose a hazard to children's teeth. However, if a child does get a chipped tooth, New York City Dentist Dr. Deborah Pilla reassures parents that bonding offers a quick, safe solution to making their child's smile whole and bright once again.

For many children, winter activities such as hockey, ice skating, sledding, skiing and snowboarding can result in chipped or broken teeth. In fact, sports accidents reportedly account for 10 to 39 percent of all dental injuries in children, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

Dr. Deborah Pilla, DDS, PC, of Park View Pediatric Dentistry, which is located in Manhattan, explains that when such tooth injuries occur, the damage can easily be repaired and aesthetically corrected through a process called bonding. During the bonding procedure, a thin layer of plastic is applied to the tooth and sculpted to correct the damaged tooth's appearance.

Chipped, cracked, broken or misshapen teeth can be restored and reshaped using bonding's material, which consists of a composite resin that hardens and fuses to the tooth when the dentist shines a special light on it. The composite resin, which is a type of tooth-colored plastic, is precisely color-matched to the shade of the surrounding teeth.

The entire bonding procedure only takes one to two hours, and its results last for an average of ten years, Dr. Pilla explains. But bonding isn't limited to childhood teeth injuries - it can also be used to color-correct stained teeth, as well as to fix the appearance of spaces between teeth.

Parents should be careful when selecting a dentist for their child's bonding procedure, as it takes an experienced dentist to make sure that the dental bonding material is colored and molded properly. With the right dentist, the end result of bonding will restore the tooth to how it looked prior to the injury, and appear as though no work has been done on the tooth at all.

When it comes to bonding, restoring or creating a beautiful smile, an experienced doctor's proficiency is unparallel. Interested parties are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pilla by calling (212) 879-6518, or visiting the practice online at

About Dr. Pilla

At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Deborah Pilla is committed to helping children of all ages achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles. In 1985, she pioneered one of New York City's first dental practices exclusively dedicated to children, and Dr. Pilla is affiliated with North Shore LIJ/Lenox Hill Hospital, where she has had operating privileges for over 20 years. She was also on staff at the Blythedale Children's Hospital for more than seven years.

After earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with high honors at SUNY Buffalo, Dr. Pilla completed her pediatric dental residency at the Montefiore Medical Center as Chief Resident and also underwent an extensive pediatric dental fellowship at Columbia University for patients with special needs.

Dr. Pilla is also a respected member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Association of Women Dentists, the New York Society of Dentistry for Children and the Medical Advisory Board of the Little Baby Face Foundation, where she volunteers her time to perform reconstructive surgeries for children with congenital facial birth defects.

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