New Format for Map Used in Presidential Peace Prize Ceremony

ODT's Equal Area World Map, the Hobo-Dyer Projection, shows all countries at true size and in true proportion. It can be seen at This map was created in 2001, and received worldwide exposure in 2002 when President Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize illustrating the Carter Center's work on this new map projection. The Hobo-Dyer map is an equal area map and it has just been released in an updated revised version at

Amherst, MA, September 24, 2007 --( has just released a revised, cartographically updated version of the equal area map President Jimmy Carter used when he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Carter used this exciting new map to illustrate the 68 countries in which the Carter Center has worked in since it was founded in 1982.

The Hobo-Dyer map, originally developed and published by ODT, Inc. of Amherst, Massachusetts, was chosen by Sara Fedota, Assistant Director of Publications for the Carter Center. "When Sarah asked to use our new map for Mr. Carter's speech, I was truly moved and honored," said the map's publisher and ODT president, Howard Bronstein.

World maps come in a variety of projections-ways of representing the globe on a flat surface. The Hobo-Dyer is one of the family of equal-area maps that show land masses proportionally accurate to each other. The Hobo-Dyer has the unique advantage of being much more shape-accurate than other popular equal-area maps.

"The central message of equal-area maps," explains Bob Abramms, ODT founder and developer of the Hobo-Dyer map, "is that it takes many points of view to see the truth. While that may not be the reason the Carter Center picked our map, it is a reason that the Hobo-Dyer should be in every classroom on our planet."

ODT's work has made headlines before. Everal years ago, the Peters Projection Map, another equal-area map distributed by ODT, was prominently featured on an episode of the hit TV series, West Wing. West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, like Fedota, found ODT's maps while searching the Web. A new DVD telling the story of how the Peters map came into being is nearly complete and scheduled for release in January of 2008.

In addition to the Hobo-Dyer and Peters maps, ODT has published a new book, Seeing Through Maps, the "What's Up? South!" World Map, and an Equal Area Map of the USA. See them all at ODT also has a new map DVD. View clips at:

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