Preston & Stadler Ltd. Main Sponsor of Oackland Business Conferences Three Years in a Row

It has been announced that Preston & Stadler Ltd. will once again sponsor Oackland Business Conference, which makes the company’s sponsorship its third time in a row.

Mont Fleuri, Seychelles, December 22, 2013 --( “It’s grateful for us to have a company like Oackland representing as the main sponsor in our conference. We are highly enthusiastic with the active participation of Preston & Stadler Ltd. since the last few years. We feel nothing but humbled by their kind interest in sponsorship,” the conference president Gordon Winter said. “Our conference is the top news provider of all news consisting of information, data, content; all related to business. We always deliver practical solutions to every contemporary and possible future business problems through detailed research of every business aspects.”

The Head of Marketing of Preston & Stadler Ltd. Guy-Pierre Magisé is very positive on the sponsorship of his company and he has also expressed his desire to support Oackland even more in the coming years for a long time.

“It has always been our strong privilege to represent our company as the main financing sponsor of this prestigious business conference,” Magisé said. “Oackland is definitely the hallmark of business summits, which is useful for every businessmen, trade experts and individuals wishing to learning and make commercial deals.”

Preston & Stadler Ltd. is one of the oldest proprietary trading firms, while Oackland Business Conference is the one of the greatest summits that act as the news platform for imparting contents, information, data related to business, which helps the businessmen to seek perfect strategies and tactics against technical challenges via practical solutions.

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