Smart Ass Kitchen Looks to Educate on How to Eat Healthily and Deliciously by Crushing Your Processed Lifestyle

Indiegogo Campaign Now Live to Fund Food & Lifestyle Blog and Affordable Personal Catering/Delivery Service Geared Towards Healthy Living.

Brooklyn, NY, December 22, 2013 --( Smart Ass Kitchen is what happens at the cataclysm of an autoimmune disorder meeting severe lactose intolerance. Carrie McCann and Jason McKoy, respectively living with these health issues, decided to make certain changes in their diet to combat their health woes. Through their upcoming blog and personal catering/food delivery service, they wish to share their so-called “food adventures” with the world in March of 2014. The Indiegogo campaign (, which is now live, has a funding goal of $5000 USD and will run until January 18, 2014.

"When I was diagnosed as 'auto-immunish' I first thought my life was over. My second thought was 'Wait, what the hell does that even mean?'" said Carrie, a Restorative Justice Coordinator by day. Not happy with a non-definitive diagnosis, she sought a second opinion that would provide concrete answers. After visiting Master Herbalist Andrea Candee and finding out that making changes in her diet could have long-lasting positive results, her and Jason, a Graphic Artist and cooking hobbyist, decided to become healthier all around. By eliminating processed foods completely, going gluten-free, and finding substitutes for common ingredients, symptoms started to disappear and they found themselves feeling much better overall.

The duo decided to share their journey with the world via Facebook and Instagram and is now developing a blog covering all health topics under the Smart Ass Kitchen brand. The blog will provide health news, product reviews, recipes, and tips to living healthy that do not require breaking the bank. Following that, they will launch a Smart Ass Kitchen mobile app that will compact the info on the blog as well as provide an innovative food delivery service that will bring their food creations to your door and onto your dining table.

Currently Smart Ass Kitchen is in the process of raising funds using Indiegogo, an online crowdfunding platform in order to reach their goals by March 2014. Those wishing to contribute and help make the world a healthier place can do so at by visiting their Indiegogo page

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Smart Ass Kitchen is a food and lifestyle brand that focuses on educating the masses on how to eat cheaply, deliciously, and healthily. We enter your homes and minds to provide alternatives to otherwise processed lifestyles. For more info visit

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