Appleton Approved to Provide ACT® Prep Tutoring in Designated Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

Students to Begin ACT Program in January to Prepare for the March 4 ACT

Nashville, TN, December 22, 2013 --( Appleton was recently approved by the Metropolitan Nashville Board of Public Education to provide ACT prep tutoring in designated schools throughout the district. In October, Appleton submitted a response to Request for Proposal (RFP) 14-3 titled ACT Prep Tutoring. The school board approved Appleton as a vendor on December 10.

Appleton will design and implement a program for each individual school partner that is tailored to the unique goals and circumstances of each school’s student population.

“Our goal for our programs is to improve the students’ composite scores by as much as possible with a minimum expectation of 2 composite points,” said Leigh Jackson, Program Manager for Appleton’s MNPS Appleton@School ACT Prep Program. “While the full scope of the project is yet to be determined, we are meeting with school administrators to finalize their ACT plans for their students.”

Appleton’s programs will incorporate a personality assessment to tailor instruction according to student personality. Appleton designed the proprietary geniuStyle™ assessment to identify each student’s unique learning personality so that Appleton tutors use the best methods for reaching that individual student.

“We will take the information from the geniuStyle assessment to create individualized programs of study for each student,” said Benny DePoyster, Lead ACT Test Prep Instructor at Appleton. “It is our combined use of sound pedagogy and a deep understanding of the role personality plays in learning that have led us to be a regional leader in ACT test preparation,” DePoyster adds.

Appleton has many success stories when it comes to improving students’ ACT scores. In the spring of 2013, Appleton completed a pilot ACT prep program for Maplewood High School, an MNPS school.

“After completion of the Maplewood pilot program, our Education Department did a case study to analyze the results,” said Jackson. “The data showed that students who were allowed to participate and who actively attended class improved their scores by an average composite of 2.23 points.”

Participating students will be preparing for the March 4, 2014 ACT, which, is a special ACT test for the district. Integrated courses will begin in early January, providing students with 24+ hours of class time, including time for ACT practice tests. Appleton will provide a full-time instructor and course materials. Each student will discover his/her unique learning style at the beginning of the course by utilizing Appleton’s proprietary, online geniuStyle assessment. An individual ACT Game Plan and tip sheet will be created for each student and used as a road map as they advance through the course.

“Our ACT instructors will utilize formative and summative assessments to measure student progress,” said DePoyster. “The final ACT taken on March 4 will serve as the program’s summative assessment, and Appleton will deliver a report comparing pre- and post-test assessments to the participating schools and the school district,” DePoyster adds.

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